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    CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine with CA RIS System, G&P RIS Long Version M203.
    ICS MP5A3.
    TM Sig Sauer P226 with KA M3 Tactical Illuminator.
    WA Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II.
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  1. CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine, CA RIS, G&P M203 RIS Long Version. WA Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II. ICS MP5A3. TM Sig Sauer P226. KWA Glock 17, KA M3 Tactical Illuminator.
  2. Nice kimber mate, I'd change the Tactical Illuminator though, it looks slightly large with the laser as well (if that is what it is), get a Surefire M3 ..or a replica.
  3. TM are bringing out the MEU soon hopefully: http://img.redwolfairsoft.com/upload/produ...825797_0003.jpg That looks like a much better base if you want to produce your own Kimber... But as I said, WA Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II, or the WA Kimber Warrier FTW!
  4. Frakk2k, I have to say, they look really nice, especially the top one; I'm assuming that's your FMV Bell 1911? What's the performance like?
  5. Hi Buddy, To be honest, I'd go straight for the Kimber, as although you can upgrade and add to a TM 1911, it's still always going to be a TM 1911...it'll never officially be a Kimber. With regards to performance, WA haters were very impressed at the Kimber's performance, and it out fired many pistols on the range the other day, and the accuracy seemed good too. You can always get a WA Kimber and then pop a metal slide set on it...that's what I would do, however, I've just kept mine standard. Oli
  6. Yeah I know barrel mounted looks good..I just wanted the ease and convenience of being able to chop and change setup easily etc..plus i quite liked the RIS version.
  7. CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine, CA RIS System, KA Red Dot Scope, G&P M203 Long Version...
  8. The M203 has arrived, so thought I'd pop it on and take a couple of photos, lemme know what you think ...and yes, I know an ACOG would look better, but haven't got round to getting one yet: Regards.
  9. WA Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II:
  10. Yeah it looks pretty good actually...it's pretty subtle which is good... I've got an ICS QD Silencer and G&P M203 on the way for my M15..definitely not using them together! Would be too long, and too impracticable I think.
  11. Time to keep the thread alive Leadmill, your team's loadout looks quality! Very very impressed!
  12. Looking good guys..lets have some more photos I would love to post a recent photo, but I sold my MP5, so all I've got left is my M15, and it doesn't fit my old SWAT loadout...
  13. Yeah I popped the KA M3 on my Glocks...but I just preferred it on the 226...definitely a keeper on my part!
  14. Thanks mate...it's all completely standard! Gonna get an aftermarket metal slide for it, and threaded outer barrel soon. Just adds that little bit extra! To be honest, my 226 is probably my favourite gun I've ever owned, even over my WA Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II!
  15. Yes they do have serial plates...it's just something that is easily missed. KWA seem to have halted production on their Glocks...can't get hold of them in the UK at the moment anyways, which I was quiet annoyed about. After selling 4 of mine, I decided I wanted another one!
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