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  1. http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...MH_srch_freedom This is what I ws talking about and now I see it in action I see how it works..
  2. That's how I thought it should work but the picture I saw was so dark and blurred that it just confused it.. Cheers for pic
  3. The picture I saw just showed a black block attached to the right rail and apparently covering the loaded mag.. Glad to see I'm not teh only one that thought "WTF"
  4. @ Lax's Savage Hunter While I agree that: 1) It'd look better with green paint (something less eye catching) 2) It defies the point of the real-steel P90 I still think it looks unique and it's nice to see someone having fun with the design of a gun (Think of it a showcase of what's possible, like a fashion catwalk, what they make might be outlandish and impractical but it gets diluted and used in the mainstream. (I hate the fashion industry, but besides that I think it's a good model for Airsoft) Plus I like the painted OD/Sand P90s, definately would consider OD for mine
  5. What if everyone's reps were deleted then all users get a rep alloweance.. 1 a week or something. Members in different categories get more (post based) But the best way to earn more is to get yourself repped. So for every 50 rep points (positive) you have you get one more rep point a week? Might make people a little more careful how they rep and there would be less overall repping so less for the moderators to sift through. Negative rep scores for a person increase the amount of time they have to wit until receiving their next allowance.. or something. Only half-baked idea.
  6. Haha! Peasants! I love the feeling of knowing something's waiting for you at home but you have to forge your way through the day, makes it even sweeter (until you get home and find it's broken ) (I just found the blogs, nice one Arnie if you read this)
  7. Best Armalite - and probably the only one I would consider using ever. Looks menacing!
  8. Is it legal/wise to carry knifes in your pocket in America? Far easier to hide valuables in socks..
  9. Wallet, Mobile, Keys, Inhaler. Wearing 3/4 length cargo things with 4 large pockets helps. Wallet and Phone (snatchable things) go in zip pockets inhaler and keys go in 'normal' pockets. I'm like Sid, hate having rubbish in my pockets - it ends up dragging my trousers down - and nobody wants to see that Oh occasionally a tissue in Hawaiian shirt pocket, if it's a pollen-ridden day. Wallet contains Plasters (usually), condom, Anti-histamines, sentimental keepsakes and of course, no money.
  10. Nice to see so many people quoting me in one page Sledge: Well, there's nothing much to say to you. Perhaps you will learn the error in your ways one day. Oh and PM me for good foraging sites (I won't email you anything, finding is half the fun) Rizzo: That old cracker probably dabbled in everything, my memory coudl be getting polluted by seeing "From Hell" the other week. At least somone got it though.
  11. Youth of today! Is school THAT laid-back that holidays are boring? If you can't entertain yourselves, what hope is there? Just rent teh Babylon 5 DVDs from Amazon. Cheap (probably).
  12. Poppy-lover. Tsk. You're as bad as Sherlock Holmes! Don't hate holidays - see my post in LJs thread.
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