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    When a 250Mhz was the newest PC you could buy and then again recently
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    Used to have a Colt Python that blew its load shotgun-style.. waste of money

    ICS MP5 SD5 ("Ianthe")
    TM G36C
    KSC USP Compact
    TM Sig P226
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    I don't know how to ask this without killing you..
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    United Kingdom

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    Coventry, UK
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    Computer games like Planetside, CS:S, Falcon 4.0, Jagged Alliance 2, Battlefield 2, baking bread, getting my mates and everyone else hooked into the stuff I like. Always handy :)
  1. Psaldorn

    Grr is it here? Did it clear Customs?

    Haha! Peasants! I love the feeling of knowing something's waiting for you at home but you have to forge your way through the day, makes it even sweeter (until you get home and find it's broken ) (I just found the blogs, nice one Arnie if you read this)
  2. Psaldorn

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Nice to see so many people quoting me in one page Sledge: Well, there's nothing much to say to you. Perhaps you will learn the error in your ways one day. Oh and PM me for good foraging sites (I won't email you anything, finding is half the fun) Rizzo: That old cracker probably dabbled in everything, my memory coudl be getting polluted by seeing "From Hell" the other week. At least somone got it though.
  3. Psaldorn

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Youth of today! Is school THAT laid-back that holidays are boring? If you can't entertain yourselves, what hope is there? Just rent teh Babylon 5 DVDs from Amazon. Cheap (probably).
  4. Psaldorn

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Poppy-lover. Tsk. You're as bad as Sherlock Holmes! Don't hate holidays - see my post in LJs thread.
  5. Psaldorn

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Anyone want to PM me Rockys old name? I don't get it.. It'll also fill my PM inbonx and make it look like i have friends (it's just hatemail at the minute)
  6. Psaldorn

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Going to an interview to find that your reference has been sent to the infinite bureacracy that is "Head Office" and may not be seen for MONTHS. So I have to find another reference! Also failing some of the MS Word exam "easy" section because I had opened a window in error (you get 2 mouse clicks per question) which then stayed up and blocked the icon I ndded for my second go. Got al the advanced questions right no problem though.. Typing speed of 43 wpm but 6 errors.. I always thought putting "the" after a comma was 'bad english'. My payday, and therefore my airsoft collecting and total earnable amount are moving in a non-pleasing direction. </emo>
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    Stuff I made for people

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