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  1. .!..=SPC4=..!.

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    Gear & Pics
  2. Here's my Tag line [Eng & Demo] [Stealthy 45 min GRC] [Bloody BB-throat] [Weaponsmith] [BB magnet- 16] [Cheap bastid] [Pack rat] [Dedicated] [Wile E. Coyote] [Humpty Dumpty] [Geardo] [Brainiac- Each team mbr gets one med heal per round, while awaiting heal from teammate wounded player yells MEDIC & yells intel on what he sees (must yell, no radios). Only way to silence him is opposing force approaches and simulates knife kill = no med] [Tourette syndrome sufferer] [Die hard] [Quartermaster] [Infiltrator] [Amphibious operations] [Pimped Gun] [Combat journalist] [Combat Engineer] [Treas
  3. First comment on Arnies!

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