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    Gear & Pics

    Gear & Pics
  2. From the album: Gear & Pics

    Won an Echo 1 P90 at an OP last Summer and traded it in for a G&G DST-L. Love It!
  3. From the album: Gear & Pics

    Love this AEG, so trouble free vs. the WE SCAR-L GBB.
  4. From the album: Gear & Pics

    My first setup

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  5. From the album: Gear & Pics

    When the snaps come undone while running the pistol really hurts when your next running step bashes your shin into it as the pistol goes flying. Here's my take on a quick (15 minutes) and cheap (cost of 1 zip tie) fix.

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  6. From the album: Gear & Pics

    Why I choose the USP over a 1911 or M9

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  7. Here's my Tag line [Eng & Demo] [Stealthy 45 min GRC] [Bloody BB-throat] [Weaponsmith] [BB magnet- 16] [Cheap bastid] [Pack rat] [Dedicated] [Wile E. Coyote] [Humpty Dumpty] [Geardo] [Brainiac- Each team mbr gets one med heal per round, while awaiting heal from teammate wounded player yells MEDIC & yells intel on what he sees (must yell, no radios). Only way to silence him is opposing force approaches and simulates knife kill = no med] [Tourette syndrome sufferer] [Die hard] [Quartermaster] [Infiltrator] [Amphibious operations] [Pimped Gun] [Combat journalist] [Combat Engineer] [Treas
  8. First comment on Arnies!

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