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  1. That's one of the most clever t-shirts I've seen in a long time.
  2. Many of the folks who purchase the real steel Bushmaster ACR "Basic" are electing to change the stock from the fixed to the adjustable folder, but are keeping the MOE foregrip. I actually like not only the look of the polymer MOE foregrip, but the weight savings as well.
  3. I'd like to see different foregrip offered. There was a company called Monolith Arms that did a PS90 style grip that was pretty cool, but Magpul purchased the company and the foregrip was discontinued.
  4. Thank you taking the time to do that review and post it. Really appreciate it.
  5. Check out ratworxusa.com for real steal rails for the Steyr and MSAR STG 556. Not sure how well they would fit an airsoft copy. I don't understand why we don't see better airsoft copies of the latest AUG and MSAR STG 556 rifles? Especially since the AUG is so popular particularly in video games like Call of Duty.
  6. Turn your BDU's inside out when you wash. Wash on cold. Air dry if possible. Same works well for blue jeans FYI.
  7. They're all getting in bed with airsoft manufacturers now so that they get another stream of revenue. Think about it all they have to do is allow some company to have license to use their trades and not only do they get money they didn't have before, but they get an Asian company that can help go after those who infringe on their intellectual property rights. We're seeing a lot of real steel companies forming pretty close relations to airsoft companies and I think it's a good thing the whole way round.
  8. I wish that Steyr and MSAR would work with airsoft companies to make licensed copies of the Steyr AUG A3 and MSAR STG-556 and E4. I have a real steel STG-556 and I would like to have an airsoft version for training and recreational airsoft purposes.
  9. I think that's being a bit negative. Civilians can already purchase thermal devices if they've got the incredible coin to shell out. Eventually it will be sold to LEO and then as tech progresses they'll be available to civvies who feel like dumping as much as they would spend on a decent used car on it. They just wont ever be available for export.
  10. Now that's a GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD. I know they do it to get respect from the locals, but it looks like Santa trying to kill you.
  11. Just takes the money to make things happen in America. James Cameron has his own Blackhawk.
  12. Two SU-27s are currently available for private sale in demilitarized form through Pride Aircraft of Rockford, Illinois. They will in addition to helping you maintain the aircraft also help you obtain your license to fly one. All legal and well within U.S. law. The SU-27 is a modern current front-line military fourth generation aircraft in service around the world. That's fact.
  13. There are two SU-27s for sale right now in the U.S. for $5 Million a piece. Would be pretty cool to have actual air support to call in for a game.
  14. Gen 2 is excellent. D-300s are definitely the way to go if you're on a budget.
  15. Nice, apparently the U.S. Army is finally coming out with combat pants similar to the Crye Combat with the built in knee pads. Very Future Combat Systems like.
  16. Wow, wish I had a BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Patrol Car. I'll bet he actually got it at a fair price too. Looks like you could pick one up for about $14K American that's not counting how much it would cost to ship and I'm sure you'd have to sink some money into for repairs and maintenance.
  17. Would like to see an airsoft version of the Microtech Small Arms Research STG-556 and the new Steyr AUG A3. The addition of the side accessory rail and the bolt release would be cool. Also. is anyone doing an AUG A2 style charging handle?
  18. Well, and maybe someone can expand on this, but my worry is that the IR would reflect back into my eye and cause damage like off a mirror in the interior of your home. The eye unlike a normal visible laser will not even blink I am told and that would be bad I would think. Not sure how much damage would be done to the eye with a limited exposure for a second or so though...something to think about though if you're running around the inside of your home with a powerful laser.
  19. Home Defense. Just have to be very careful with IR lasers as you could cause some serious eye damage with them. It's very difficult to get ahold of IR lasers like PEQ here. How Titleist got his is beyond me other than catching them up online for sale through a private party. The industry regulates itself and most places will not sell IR lasers to civilians who are not military or law enforcement. When I get the money together I'm going to have to have my cousin who is a Deputy Sheriff probably try to get ahold of one for me.
  20. Still not one company has made a faithful Airsoft version of the AUG A3 it's all bastardized versions of it.
  21. UR-Tactical supplied their clothing to the movie Terminator Salvation so look for it. Should be pretty cool.
  22. Yes, I think the whole forum now is painfully aware of Hedge's dislike for the AUG rail.
  23. Of course not...that would be a silly thing to do. All I'm saying is that Steyr doesn't produce firearms to fit the needs of airsofters. They had some very practical and when you think about it smart choices for doing what they did with the AUG A3. The AUG needed the upgrade to stay competitive with future rifles. As for the ACR folks it may not look that cool, but the special speer like round it fired was a pretty cool concept and was defintely way outside the box in terms of design.
  24. Steyr AUG A1 came out in 1977 and wasn't adopted outside of Austria until by Australia in 1985. Ireland didn't adopt the Steyr AUG until 1988. The Steyr AUG A3 just came out and Austria is currently unable to purchase a new infantry rifle due to political reasons. The A3 is the future folks. BUIS is a must. Rail space is a must. Rifles that lack either will not have a future. For those die hard fans of the A1 or A2 version I suggest looking at the A3 "Commando" configuration. There are afterall three different configurations to the A3 the "Commando, Standard, and Ma
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