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  1. No sir, it wasn't. Just put on some tape and then sprayed it...
  2. Yes it does! The Hider weighs exactly 680 Gramms (it weighed it just for sure), came with the AEG. Don't even know what kind of FH this is...
  3. LCT AKMSU... "Foregrip" is going to be swapped for a normal handguard...
  4. @uscmCorps, yes I have contacted Bitter End per E-mail. No reply though. Like I said, it must be a faulty piece, otherwise I cannot explain this huge difference between his and my tests....
  5. The idea isn't bad at all. We have a company in our village here, which I plan to visit tomorrow. I am going to ask him if it is possible to make the same stamped product from another material. If it's possible I'll ask for some testpieces and conduct the same tests again. Keep you posted!!!
  6. These are the first two attempts to spray toys. Pleas tell me what you think of it, or what I could do better next time...
  7. Thank you all for the thumbs up! @NonEx 10 feet are approx. 3 meters, the damage in the center of the goggles were caused by multiple shots at approx. 15 feet. But I've tested it for you... At 10 feet, single shots fired with the same M4 used in the tests. Dents were made, approx. 2 mm deep. At 10 feet, full auto (approx. 50 shots fired - very unlikely to happen during an Airsoft game though). Ripped the complete material apart, you see I didn't aim at one specific point, I just sprayed the area. After a few shots, I guess 5-10, the material startet to rip... Like said before, at a
  8. I'm not very familiar yet with the build-up of this forum, maybe a Mod can move the whole topic? My Mk23 runs on maintenance gas at the time, waiting for the new shipment of Greengas. And yes, I ordered directly from "Bitter End"... I was shocked too, I can tell you that for sure. I was really thinking these goggles would solve my problems. My point is though, if you claim that your equipment can withstand such a severe punishment - then I want to see it with my own two eyes (from a safe distance in this case, and behind ESS goggles). But thanks for the info on the "heroshar
  9. Update! I still can’t believe what happened. On the website "point blank" apparently isn’t always point blank, as during some tests they keep clear 6 inches from the goggles. So.. Let’s test it again, and this time at a distance of 7-8 inches. Again 5 shots with the same AEG, this time on the left side of the goggles (where the test with the pistol was performed) – but way clear from that area... In addition I looked at the weak spot in the middle of the goggles, and it looks really terrible. Bending it back into position, well – it’s too late for that from the looks of it. After con
  10. Test STTI Mk.23 GNB Test performed with 0.20 g HIDD Bio-BBs. FPS @ 21°C: 280 FPS. Five shots were fired at one and the same position on the goggles. Like already said, 5 shots at exact the same position... Clear to see, the material has been deformed, and this at a low FPS already?! The dent was measured: 1.99 mm. That is not very convincing, I’d say rather disturbing prior to the second test with the more powerful AEG. Test KWA KM4 RIS Second test performed with Xtreme Precision 0,20g Bio BB´s. FPS: 380. Yet again 5 shots at exact the same position. For your inte
  11. Info After the continuous problem of fogging up goggles was really getting on my nerves, I decided to do some research on the web – maybe there are alternatives (except for the rather expensive ESS Turbofans). On the other hand, those cheap ACM Mesh goggles (as seen on Ebairsoft) are too unreliable thus unsafe. My eyes are precious to me, so I’m not taking any risks on that behalf... Then I stumbled upon the website of "Bitter End". This manufacturer offers not the already known Mesh goggles; here the protective layer is made from "stamped metal" – which doesn’t need a further introducti
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