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  1. liewb

    WE P226 R

    Anyone have any news on the release date of this WE "M11A1"?
  2. I'm a southpaw, and would really like to know how to swap the mag catch from the left to right side. Can anyone give me the step on how to go through with this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Steel slide definitely sounds good for the PX4. Any word on the manufacturer/cost?
  4. Shooter's Design has the best cost to quality ratio to me. Great finish and fit, and best of all, correct trades Anyone have any updates on their Storm PX4 slide? I have a chance to get one in a trade, and would like to know how the quality holds up
  5. Is there a break in period for KWA hop ups? I recently got a KWA USPc and the shots are all over the place. Even with full hop some shots drop low with .25's. Hopefully it'll eventually break in...
  6. Will this new hopup design be compatible with a KWA USP Compact?
  7. But it is still possible, without much trouble, is it not? Especially with KWA stocking the HK45 soon, the KWA Pro Shop will have a plethroa of part to convert to the new hopup system
  8. Kind of OT, but how does the PDI W-Hold bucking compare to others (Nineball, KA, etc)? I haven't been able to find any info on it other than the AEG version. Thanks!
  9. Just got the upper from Evike and it came with an ugly red tip. The problem is that the red tip is metal, and seems to be screwed? onto the barrel, but I am not able to remove it, or at the very least budge it. Any tips on how I can get rid of it?
  10. liewb

    pistol parts

    Guarder 5-7 body?
  11. liewb

    ICS M4

    Whats that badass foregrip on there?
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