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    96, first game, 98 full time
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    a Clone M3super 90 long and 36 shells . reloading mags in game is for fools.

    a TM socom NBB pistol of silent death and 6 mags

    on the way, a MC51 RIS/toruch light grip and 7 hicaps. because reloading mags in game is for fools

    HAVE owened more guns tha permited characters
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    you muppet
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    United Kingdom

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    airsofting, milsim , military history, military engineering, engineering in general. making stuff with machinery, military vehicles . all things russian, making chavs look more stupid than normal with common scense<br />plotting my evil plan with henchmen whilst yellow jumpsuited minions fetch my beer

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  1. Heh heh... for waving your M3 shottie about and shouting "Squeal Piggie!" in a redneck voice :D

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