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  1. i just wate for marlowe to put up the pics of all of his crashes.
  2. now as a long standing member of arnies i am yet to see a high impact level of porn spamming of the forum by automated bots. if any occurs that is as i cant remember seeing anything like it even being on the forum for a minute let alone being shuffled off to oblivion. i am a member on another forum which today alone had 8 porn bots sign up spamming theads and creating them and not just the clicy clicky link kind this was all up with embded video and images and thats a pretty average load. now if its ok to ask what exactly is arnies doing so right to prevent this happening? t
  3. get one of these http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=68...DPKiSrAK51um5DA i recorded the video whilst snorkling. this was in about 8 -10 inches of water in alot of surf right next to the shore. as lion fish go this one was pretty cool about things for about 10 miutes despite me swiming through his bait ball as he was hunting. after i stopped recording and snapped some piccies he decided to warm me off with a threat display which i got a nice piccie of then left him to it. and went hunting for a black moray which was around there. he hunted in the same place ever
  4. staack can you tell me if the danish have a m84 bandanna? as thats realy the only headcovering i like to wear with a loudout and i cant find one anywhere. also what part of demark are you from? i know quite a few people from sindal
  5. oddly i have just finishing building a danish m84 rig. m84 bdus and boonie, and a molle vest with 2X tripple mag pouches, a small hydration carrier used as a socom holster , a grenade pouch for a BFG, a SAW pouch for a utility pouch, 2 X twin pistol pouches for socom mags and ill be getting a large hydration carrier for the back when i get saround to it., not based around a set loadout i know but then again im not in the forces so i carry what I need to airsoft not what i would need to fight for days on end
  6. yes "proof" the ultimatle in internet bingo. I IS GOT A TOTALY RANDOM PICTURE WHICH I FOUNDZ ON THE INTERWEBZ SO IT MUST BE TRUEZ even tho said picutre of a guy i dpm holding a hkXXX is infact the guy doing the field trials. most squadies i have met modify there kit to what suits them and to what they can get away with in unit.
  7. jesus the waltness is rising here., any more and ill need wings to avoid it. more importantly is it realy that import ant to people. sewriously have you not got any other life AT ALL to be going on with? ok misfit hasnt but the rest of you should blooddy grow up and accept that airsofts a game and you can do what you want its no0t the realy real world where being shot makes you have aterminal case of death. *fruitcage* walt muppets
  8. 1 young guy at front to old guy at front. bugger me all thi straining has made me ###### me kecks old guy. welcome to old age this is why i never smile. 2 guy at front suprise airborn butsehxs FTW
  9. i too would like this even if it just allows me to put an update into it
  10. i have noticed that if you read PMs very shortly after they are sent to you yu dont get a notification.
  11. personaly i feel that its far to pastely maybe due to the backgropund or personal taste also the sword arm looks shorter than the one holding the skull that said if you interested in helping me with a tatto design i want then feel free pm me. you can use any designs for your work gratis
  12. hmmm but wont that put new members off? yes some newbies are annoying but that said some older users are annoying as well. all it takes is a gentle persuasion to get them to comply with established methods and its all fine
  13. look its all going to end in tears like it did last time.
  14. my russian saratov knife no i dont airsoft with it it was my scoutcraft knife when i was a scout leader lousy picture as its ona camera phone. and that is a standard size keyboard
  15. yeeeessss but normaly it resets itself after being viewed and X time has elapsed (normaly an hour iirc)
  16. simple one. when i clcik on view new posts it comes up, no worries BUT it doesnt remember the onces i have already seen and ignore them. im up to 33 pages now scince the forum alteration.
  17. on the CA870? no its drop on fit. the gun its on in the picture is a m1100 and to make it fit as a stock defender it does require some modification to allow the shell tube ring to fit into it (30 seconds with a knife and it was sorted) on the modified defender above its actualy very lose as ring is in a differnt place due to usinga mix of m870 and m1100 parts. i had a RS wood grip on my CA870 but tbh i found it stuck alot and made my gun eat pistons. ive sold the wood now and am leaving the CA870 to rest in peices as im using the external parts for other projects as lo
  18. can we do somthing about the meddling fools in problems with sales? i dont mind people helping find info but there are a few who are getting stuck in with tiradews when in more than afew cases its not even in the same country
  19. now a question. i dont like not having a stock on a shotgun so what do you honestly think would look better. the solid stock from an m870 with all the gas gubbins connected (i have that here) but its a pain as i need to totaly strip down the m870 to canabilise it even mroe OR get the GNP metal folding stock
  20. my modified maruzen m1100 defender 1 this started life as a stock m1100 defender 1 GBB shotgun. this is different from most maruzen shutguns as it used a magazine instead of a shell to hold the ammo. this has been modified with a GNP long m870 front end and shell extention tube. GNP t8 taclight a barrel clamp and laser shell holder and some dummy shells # clicky for a larger pic
  21. yes but there is more chanche of a longer term ember being known to others and if an issue goes bad then i contact can be found
  22. how about (and i dont know if this is possible) having the ability to view and post in threads to buy but not to post new topics for selling?
  23. wont anti popup software prevent it?
  24. how about capping picture threads at say 50 pages then makinga new one. makes it less drawn out. maybe a few tweakings tot eh forum (arnie can it be done) to 1 make a minimum post "size" in characters so the "nice gun" comments are minimised 2 remove images in quotes automaticlay (yes it ###### me off as well and i did say so a while back) 3 limit the size of hotlinked images so they arent HUGE which seems to be creaping in. i personaly avoid the picy threads due to the spam which goes on there. as to removeing them., no its nice to 1 look at others pics for
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