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  1. actualy it does make sence sledge. for example i want to come one and see what stuff people are sellings cince i have last been on. i can filter to the sales areas, i want to see whats being talked about in general dicussion i can filter it to be included. consider it a broader veriion of search
  2. when searching for some info i keep getting error messages means nothing to me but maybe a PC bod can understand it
  3. ultimatly its gone. arnie has decided and lo it shall be engraved as the 11th comandment. THOU SHALT NOT REP. personaly i dont care either way fro the rep, it was here now it aint. its an online forum where people talk about dressing up as soldiers and running around woth toy guns and a part has beien removed.
  4. ive had afew little issues scince the box was moved, which im guessing is just cody programmery things 1 ) when clicking on the reputaiton flushed thread i get quick edit: there are a few other threads doing it as well but at random, one thread is fine then the next few are dodgy then is all fine again with no pattern or decernable cause such as same member posting end edit 2 the red box for PM updates doesnt apear anymore when i get a new message. 3 PM notificaiton emails are going out very late, i had 2 which were 24 hoiurs after i had read it.
  5. its an alphanumeric keykode. bots cant read it as iirc its in a picture format which they cant copy/paste into the document. thus defeating the, the bots will still be on arnies but trapped in a limbo state of not being able to do anything
  6. and if you READ the news page you would know why.
  7. where the HELL did you find the riot shorty?
  8. where did you get spare tanks from?
  9. my maruzen m1100 defender with GNP t8. tac light torch grip. 8 mags (and 3 more on the way) and the spare gas tank. what do you think will be the best option, a folding stock or try to get a m1100 full stock and large gas tank
  10. may i ask why a user should run thier life around when a forum is busy? if the forum is busy i simply wait untill i can have a look simple as that. and how many "active" members are just sitting there with a web page open? i know i leave it open occasionaly for several hours.
  11. hmm that looks supiciously like a nylong bag to me. is that the base justa normal bag with a semi rigid wire for the openning with molle loops sewn in?
  12. there are alot of addmons for m870s which should fit (note i dont know) if anyoine who ahs a trench gun ever is ging to lfu or unreal let me know and ill bring my m870 bit6s with me
  13. 2 pics of my shotguns foirst is of my m3 super 90. best gaming shotgun ive had. and my CA 870 with gnp t8 tourch foregrip which will be pimped when i get the money withh the full range of front ends, stopcks and grips second pic is of my pair of quin wei springer shell ejecing shotguns and my m47 clone m870 i have a m1100 defender with 8 mags on the way as well!
  14. tbh i dont like the sliding stock. i prefer the spoild one that comes with the m3 on a more positive note my qun wei shell ejecting springers (2 of them) just arrived. a review and pics will be done when ive cleared my uni woprk i just
  15. tds. ill grant that a severely bad surface finish can hurt more but you rlooking ta a larger projectile with a knurled finsih or even outright burrs to realy dage soemone. the differences we are looking at are on the micron level and below (surface finish is normaly measure in .micro meters. to damage a barrel isnt that difficult with metal metal contact. to damage the human skin with a bb you need alot more power (as your seem to be fixated on this) to generate any form of injury. moggy. de shells are common in sabot rounds for the armour would you get intio
  16. unless your using foam etc which is deformable. then density does play a slight part due to the internal make up of the material (lots of gaps) pentration in shells comes partialy from the imparted energy and also from the design of the projectile. also most cannon shells use the impact to melt the armour and crate shrapnel inside the vehicle. and noone using depleted uranuim armour. its to expesnive and slightly radioactive so is a bad thing to be inside. they use either rolled arour plate using stell and a blend of high stength alloys or reactive armour which deflects oapr
  17. thats is becasue the shell has a greater mass thus higher inertia for the same dimensions. not mass. .2g is .2g regardless of what it made from., if it has the same dimensions it will have the same inertial coeficent. as such a .3 ally bb @6mm will have the same rnage, power and lack of penetration capability as a .3g plastic bb @6mm
  18. on the subject of the shells. look at the front. is there an oring front and back? if not get some and glue it inplace this will allow the shell to hold the bbs but if its to tight at a reduction in FPS (this is what maruzen shells do) thanks for that. im hopefully getting mine from rsov instead as i dont like Wester union and im to lazy to bank transfer
  19. jez a few quesitons 1) what kind of fps is it putting out (guesisng low around the 150 mark) 2) how far does it toss the shell 3) build quality, good bad or average and any issues 4) average range with .2 5) feel of the gun when cocking is it a strong pull or pretty naff 5) possibiltie of a solid stock attachment (looking at the CA 870 folder)
  20. so what is it like then? and also how the hell do you order from sunny warehouse mit looks over complicated
  21. well in that case everyone should be forced to put there correct location inc town in. i do as im from 2 areas wich are low on airsoft so its makes finding players easier. most dont as they dont like people knowing wheree they are and just having your flag set as NZ doesnt make people think you want to buy guns there
  22. yes sledge. instead of spending my time whining at people online i go to games and have a laugh as such i can say that 90% of airsofters are responsible.
  23. stealth i was not talking abou tusing such upgradesin game but for target shooting. allow a little common sense for users and sites.
  24. arnie. regarding bolt actions. why are we not allowed to discuss power upgrade for those when all they do is legaly become low powered air rifles?
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