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  1. Just high torque as that's all available at the time. Tested with 7.4v and 11.1v, wasn't a battery thing. Motor would be fine with an M90 spring but that's it probably.
  2. If anyone cares, I splurged on the ARES AK motor and it can hardly pull an M110...it's like an lpeg and it frequently locks up, requiring the armature to be hand cycled once or twice. Weak magnets, bad coiling/whatever, and motor height adjustment has 6 settings rather than just a screw.
  3. Rather like the look of a covered suppressor for once.
  4. Maybe trigger guard mini-light like old 1911 mounts?
  5. A&K made a clone and this isn't it. Also not similar to the Krytac and seems to be 100% original.
  6. Mystery Brand "G2 Assault Rifle"
  7. Thank you for the name! Found it in a friend's store's spare parts pile and we've been puzzled over where it came from. It's a fantastic sight rail, I much prefer it to the Zenitco B-18.
  8. It's awesome so far Ehobby had them but are currently sold out
  9. It's A&K. No clue why the serial has ST :v
  10. These popped up at Gunmall Tokyo for the very reasonable price of $120 so I jumped on it A&K M870 Bulldog
  11. EDITED: This didn't work :T
  12. Hi! I impulse bought the new fancy schmancy Marui M40A5. It's pretty cool! Still ABS with aluminum parts, but the flash hider and front rail feels CNC'd I guess? They have that sort-of-sticky matte feel. Hard to describe. The bolt is ridiculously easy to work. Easier than the Marui L96 or VSR-10, and the short pull makes it extremely fast. Trigger is crisp as ever. Hop up adjustment is smooth without clicks, so no worries there. I'll the pictures do the talking! EDIT: Uploading photos here suuuuuuuuuucks still ;P So here's a link: http://imgur.com/a/U2eog
  13. Yay some reasonable discussion on this topic....I really hate it how if I make the argument anywhere I just get a "GHK masterrace" or "lolWE". I do want to defend the WE externals though, the stamped steel is very nice, and real spec unlike the LCT bodies of GHK. Furthermore, installing a LFS disk or asia nozzle helps the WE cooldown so much.
  14. I love my Octagon 17L. Him and Show Guns are creating cool things.
  15. PRIME 17L and Octagon/BELL FPS-system 17L "Custom"
  16. GunHeaven/SRC FN Five-Seven GBB
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