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  1. clay77

    USP Picture Thread

    Hi all Just purchest my first pistol a KSC USP P10 thanks for all the advice and cool photos on here so glad i did not go with the glock now
  2. To all of us who spend time their. Chances are that any airsofter with a better half not into the sport has like me enjoyed prelonged periords "in the dog house" and this is leading me to beleive that with the right out look it ant so bad. dont get me wrong i love my wife more than life itself and would do anything for her, but we dont see eye to eye all the time and some time theirs something to be said for a little disagrement and the makeing up after!!!.but back to the dog house the few hours of not being spoken to or cooking my own dinner are not so bad i can troll the net to find the
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