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  1. @Mightyjebus - Sadly it is not - you'd have to make a custom one to fit and even then I am quite sure that the 'walls' of the grip would be far too thin and fragile. A fair few people opt to sand and paint the pistol-grip to look like wood - some do it very well. I feared I'd fluff it up so I left it as is! @dFrog - the chestrig is a reproduction of a Rhodesian Bush War Fereday and Sons chest rig - I got it from Varusteleka, Better Pictures: RS 'Hythe' Sight
  2. Ares L1A1, TM G3 with CA metal body. Sent from my GT-I5500 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Beautiful - may I ask where you got the stock?
  4. Please excuse the date in the lower-right hand corner - my camera only came out of a coma recently.
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