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  1. I was in China working for the last 7 years now 2 in Canada, mostly away from airsoft and related forums (I would occasionally travel back to Hong Kong to play). I started playing in 2002 up until 2015 . I joined Arnie’s in May 2003. I turn 60 next February... in storage still in HK I have all my guns and gear which I unfortunately cannot legally get my guns here back to Canada. If some knows how I’m interested to know. Recently I have purchased a few guns, mostly for just collecting and plinking here on Vancouver Island. This is my first post on Arnie’s probably since 2011. Kalbs
  2. Very nice reporting Far East. I think I'll go next year. Was there any updates from VFC on the release of the 1918 BAR? -kalbs-
  3. There are other sources here in Hong Kong. Let me find out a good contact or shop over the weekend. You could contact Brojames on Filairsoft. He may be able to send you one from the Philippines. See new quote from Repairairsoft who was going to distribute in the UK: S3 Arms MP40! Due to the quality and misleading information we recieved from our supplier, Repairsoft have decided not to sell this particular AEG. Repairsoft are not, and have never been associated with S-3 arms and airsoftforce.com.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Guiness and I believe we basically have the same comments and expectations. I am just a bit tee'd about the way S-3 has been selling this AEG and for the price they are asking. I have confirmation that the Chinese version is exactly the same AEG as S-3's. Those who pay the $290 are getting ripped off. Yes, the gearbox was my draw to it as well and after pending so much for that pgc gearbox for my TOP MP40 how could I go wrong? I have since replaced most of the internals (and lubes) except the gears from my parts box and it is working fine(not game tested,
  5. I am in agreement with Sherlock but they haven't even taken the time to rebadge. What is deceptive to me as a walkin is that the model shown has the correct bakelite plastic but what was delivered is as noted above. The internals are a disaster. Read my review on Filairsoft....in my opinion S-3 is being totally dishonest. My review: Filairsoft S-3 MP40 review
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