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  1. Yes, please update! If i can get the KAC rail to fit with no mods, that wouldnt be too shabby Did you find yourself using that "under arm" lever that screws the delta ring that the KAC rail comes with? There's like a screw that goes in to tighten it. Is it really needed?
  2. Great advice, never noticed that till you mentioned it. Now i do remember when i fit some knight rail covers they were a bit loose on a sopmod i had a long time ago.
  3. Appreciate the quick response! you saved me a big headache before i was about to go to the local gun store to pick up the rail. Maybe it's just easier to just get the rail set that was made for the sopmod and drop it in. Do they actually sell the TM sopmod rails separately as an accessory? This will be going on my TM socom, btw
  4. Since we are on the subject on real steel rails, Has anyone fitted a carbine length RS Knight's two-piece quad rail? I remember some people mentioned that they have, how does it fit? is it loose or wobbly in any way or just a smooth drop in, rigid fit?
  5. Not sure if this was mentioned in the thread earlier, but the 870 can be used with the older shotgun shells that were on previous TM models? (spas 12, m3, m203 spring shell)? Sorry for the silly question but my new job is taking me away from being updated with this airsoft stuff! I havent been able to order mine yet
  6. Do you know where I should apply the lube? Should I unscrew the stock tube? I assume it's like the sopmod series. When I pick up the rifle and shake it up and down I can hear the recoil weight moving in the stock tube so I'm not sure if it's stuck. Thanks I pulled apart the upper receiver and this came out, im not sure where it belongs or whether its contributing to the loss of recoil...
  7. Alright the weirdest thing happened today. I was shooting it and it was kicking and recoiling like usual then all of a sudden now it's shooting WITHOUT the blowback. The bolt stop mech works, it's shooting like an aeg with no recoil. What can be the problem? I dont know if I've recalled reading about this problem yet. History: It is stock on the standard marui proprietary battery. I dropped it once maybe a week or two ago.
  8. What does it do, keep the buffer tube from getting loose? How is it different from the stock one? Just curious by looking at a pic of it and wondering how it works. It's out of stock at echigoya though
  9. Was this with just a completely stock set up with no mods done by the user? Mine has been chugging for a bit longer than that and still is. 2 year is still no slouch though. The annoying thing for me is the stock tube getting loose. The front part is easy work
  10. I can vouch for the hk416, very happy with it. I probably put about close to 40,000 rounds through it and it goes bang every time. I tend to get too carried away with the recoil and hold down the trigger more than im suppose to. It's been flawless nevertheless. Only problem is the stock tube loosens up once in a while (same with all the sopmod series) and i have to use an ar wrench to re-tighten it. More of it is caused by the positioning of the sling that i tend to put a lot of pressure on.
  11. druid, what's your body running on?
  12. That sucks, from the video it looked like that place was AEX? It was raining the other day at my field so it was the perfect time to bring out the gbb mp7 That's been a problem forewarned earlier in this thread. It's unfortunate, mine has been running for close to 500 rounds now with no problems but of course i use duster gas. Ppl still complain of a bit of pain when they get shot with it
  13. The TM mp7 is amazing. Ive been using it with duster gas and im so surprised with the kick and how hard it is. Probably not going to let this thing touch propane though. All i need is more mags but ive put about 300 rounds through it so far. Also... mag holders....
  14. I guess it will be the mp7 for now as a starter....but it's out of stock everywhere...
  15. Nice vids, i cant help but notice that the kriss is expelling a hefty amount gas with each shot. How do you like the kriss compared to the mp7? If you had to pick one up for a game over the weekend which one would it be? I like the unique ergos of the kriss but beyond that i'm not sure if they have anything else over the mp7. I did at one point consider the kwa though in my search for a gbb smg
  16. Zushiku, its so beautiful.... A knights replica WITH the TM blowback system? My life would've been complete.
  17. It's about the same here! I have a feeling that it will break with that temp though, i rather not take the risk. I'm perfectly happy with duster gas. Thanks for the info snoop, I guess it's time to pick up the mp7 and use it as is. I always used all my TMs stock so i'm sure it will last a while with the duster. Those cans go for 5$ around here so going to pick up a bulk pack. Now the pain again of waiting for it to ship but to say the least I'm excited. Only other prospect now is that TM shotgun and we'll see where that goes. Maybe i can wait and put both on one order My primary is
  18. Does this mean if i buy one now it would be an "unofficially" second gen mp7? Did marui do anything with this air bubble problem and started shipping a better batch with a changed nozzle? I dont want to order the azimuth if i dont have to since i would be getting it from different retailers. I definitely cannot run this on propane because it's hot here in the states in my area.
  19. Ok guys, after considering this for months and lurking on this thread i might go ahead and purchase the mp7. If i just stick to duster, will i have any of the problems that seems to be occurring with it mentioned throughout this thread? I recalled way back then (forget which page) where someone had a stock mp7 and some use with duster caused some failures. However, it wasnt verified if he had a floor model or if it was previously used with propane. If this thing will take duster as reliably as their GBBs will, i'm going to put in my order! I much rather have this one than the KWA. I'll just le
  20. While the metal slide does feel better but i cant deny the performance of the g18c on stock parts. On duster with the plastic slide, i literally got 4 mags of a standard round magazine and a handful of shots to spare!
  21. lol i hate when people think they hit you. Good choice though, it's not worth the trouble to go through all that
  22. Has anyone tried to run a metal slide with duster gas and just the stock recoil rod (actually, just stock everything else)? In the US, it gets about 80-90 degrees F and i feel like the propane or the green gas will eventually crack the frame screw on the bottom. I shot a few rounds with duster and metal slide; it seems to finish and lock back with every round. I assume playing out in the heat the duster can only get better. Thoughts?
  23. TM hk416 is worth every penny. Aside from the quality, it will last much longer and give you less headaches. TM new hopup is amazing. All the notable features is icing on an already delicious cake
  24. Thats a bummer. I saw the azimuth video demonstration and they made it seem as if it's indestructible
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