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  1. Thats a bummer. I saw the azimuth video demonstration and they made it seem as if it's indestructible
  2. I also have the same concerns. Is it safe to run propane/green gas with the azimuth loading nozzle as the only internal upgrade? How's it holding up? On the fence about getting this mp7!
  3. lol these recoil aegs are making me broke Are they planning to do a 417 in the near future as their next model? I so wish they can do a hk mp5!! not sure how that would work though
  4. Great tip! Edit: I cant believe this thread is 5 years old
  5. My sopmod has been fired on long bursts (5 secs average) of auto since 09. All stock internals and still chugging, should i be concerned of failing gears? Only used the proprietary 8.4v battery though. ROF has gotten a bit sluggish from age but nothing major.
  6. Cant recall if it was brought up in this thread or not but how does the tm 416 stand up to the vfc 416? Does anyone own both and can offer some insight? No way I'm getting a vfc 416 after this bad boy, just wanted to see how they compare as I *almost* bought the vfc before the marui came out.
  7. Oh ok, i assume they had it in stock since the last time i checked their website it said out of stock. Now it appears like its in-stock when you add to the cart. Should be worth the wait!!
  8. echigoya has them in stock?
  9. So i guess just leave the sopmod barrel and add the urx ii rail only lol
  10. I have a vfc sr15 e3. Will I have any trouble fitting the urx II and barrel onto the tm sopmod? Or should it be cake? Just wondering if anyone tried or has a good idea.
  11. On top of the same points i would have made about the 416 that ginga has mentioned, I like how the barrel is solid. From time to time you have to tighten the sopmod rails as they get wobbly but this one is solid as a rock regardless of the external stress that would be applied. Also, the front and back sights make it easily removable on the field with less hassle then removing the a2 front sight. A minor thing but still a plus!
  12. Just got my hk416 to the U.S. thanks to ginga who picked it up and shipped it to me. Love it so far, can't wait to skirmish with it. Definitely didn't need to tighten the barrel or anything like the sopmod, it is good to go!!
  13. Is TMC a reputable company? Has anyone ordered from them? I see hk at the end so I assume it is a hong kong retailer? If ginga has trouble finding one, i might consider ordering from this website. Someone stop me if I'm dealing with a terrible retailer! I have no experience with them. 650 is a lot though
  14. Im curious how many units they actually produced lol. Any word when the second batch is coming around? And that m320 is already released?
  15. echigoya is out of stock! WTF I was ready to buy. Even ehobby is out of stock...where am i going to find this thing? Ginga, give me some love and help a brother out with a 416! Are there any locally in your area?
  16. It's in the buffer tube like the previous sopmod/recce/socom/cqbr series. I dont think the gas piston moves at all on the TM 416
  17. Medic, you're entitled your own opinion but this is spreading false facts. Since when have GBBRs have been more reliable than a marui EBB lol. If you're comparing GBBR to ares EBB then fine since i have no experience with one. But if you're trying to discredit marui EBBs, then that's where the line needs to be drawn. When i had a GBBR, it was fun for a handful of shots but then it suffered cool downs, gas mag leaks, slow rates of fire, the list goes on. You can perform all the maintenance issues you want, but the reliability is nowhere comparable to a marui EBB. I've had my TM SOPMOD sin
  18. ginga, have you taken her out on a date yet? How she do?
  19. Beautiful write-up, enjoyed it. Ever so more convinced to get it now. I could wait for the 417 (assuming marui will take the scar H route) but i want to use my sopmod magazines lol. One question: since the 416 midcaps are obviously larger than the sopmod, will it be able to hold more? Instead of an 82/30 round option, is it like 120/30 rd? Kind of like how their hi cap went from 420 to 500+? Probably not but doesnt hurt to ask.
  20. this video shows a good general idea with side-to-side comparison:
  21. my glocks and my m92fs killed themselves (slide cracks) and Ive always lubed and maintained them. Average temperature here is around 86 degrees F. They had a good run though and that never stops me from buying TM pistols. My px4, however, eats propane for dinner
  22. I imagine this thing would die a slow death in the U.S. on propane
  23. elan, thanks for the picture! I'm set on buying the URX for my sopmod now. @Vader: Have you tried the VFC urx? Since elan said there wasnt too much problem with his, i suppose i should stick with the VFC URX and steer clear of the G&P urx? I know both have made their own version of the knights sr15, which is why i want the URX rail. I'm not looking into making the whole receiver ambi though lol
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