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  1. i would love to see a pic of it if that isnt too much trouble ! but if not, thats ok
  2. elan, did you have any trouble fitting the vfc urx 2 on the socom? did you need any special tools at all?
  3. Thanks for the response. He's sending it to me and i should receive it within a few days. I hope it's as easy as that! he cant try out the full auto switch since he already packed it in a box lol. I'll update here!
  4. Fellas, I have a friend who needs help fixing his sopmod. He provided a video and wasn't sure what's wrong with it. Looks to me like the motor need some height adjustment? how come the other side seems jammed? He bought it used this way from another buyer. Is it an easy fix ?
  5. My front sight post is wobbly, how do i tighten it? There's no screws to tighten, I just see a push out pin to take the front sight post off of the gun. It wiggles and has play from side to side.
  6. thanks for the review, i was waiting for a good write up on this piece
  7. lol true. I'll still probably carry about 5 mid caps so i keep the muscle memory there but I would like a reliable high cap for emergencies!
  8. I'm wondering if the tokyo marui hi cap mag is, in general, higher quality and feeds better than the clone mag? I have an army 430 round sopmod mag but it doesnt feel as well as i would like. Has anyone had experience with both hi caps and if it's worth for me to buy the TM branded hi cap? P.S. carrying 7-8 mid caps throughout the day is wearing me down (not to mention reloading each one). I have some for sale if anyone in the U.S. is interested
  9. anyone know if these mags for the px4 are compatible with the TM beretta 92 or m9a1?
  10. Does eagle 6 still sell the 9.6 v quick change batteries for the sopmod? I was on the website and i can only find the lipo ones....
  11. Is it safe for me to use the sopmod stock configuration on a 9.6v battery? Will the stock marui last as long as an 8.4?
  12. my SOCOM had problems feeding and it seems like the nozzle was worn...no idea why it happened as I kept it in stock configuration. Didn't touch a single thing on it! Certain rounds wouldn't feed properly on semi. I've never had the upper taken apart from the lower on the socom. Didn't experience this with my sopmod however. I was using KSC .20g perfect. I ruled out the mag because when I finally decided to separate the upper and lower the nozzle had some "chips" so to speak... Still not exactly sure what happened
  13. You're saying that you've spend 55$ on this rifle?
  14. good thing i waited on this lm4 instead of buying it right away (i was really tempted). Time to move onto the marui gbb mp7!
  15. I'm trying to figure out my next ebb and i'm caught between the cqb R and the g36c. Only problem is, they are so similar in price which makes the g36c so unattractive since it seems the better value comes with the cqb R. Did anyone have loose stock tube problems with their cqb R? I had this problem with both of the TM sopmods ive owned but not as much with the TM SOCOM. I've used the AR wrench tool but the sopmod still comes loose. I Wonder if the CQB R will be the same issue with the mod stock.
  16. Thanks for the input. Yeah, i've seen the video! I've owned the SCAR-L and it's my least favorite recoil! the m4 is probably my favorite of the recoil
  17. If you had a choice, Would you pick the g36k or the g36c? Has it been confirmed that the 36c has less of a recoil because of the shorten dimensions? Are they both as loud or does the c should lower? Trying to figure out which one to buy!
  18. snoopy, those instructions scare me! Ive never tampered that much with the socom! Megalo, i think this may be the problem im experiencing. Any idea why this happens and how i can prevent it from happening? Will i have to open it up to fix this issue of the nozzle ? I'm not very savvy with these tech things! yet i call myself a sopmod owner, ugh!
  19. Thnks for the responses. Here are my replies: I have 4 different magazines and its been the same for every one. Never changed the barrel at all. Megalo, if the air nozzle is out of alignment what do i do? how can i check and what causes the air nozzle to be damaged and what would it look like? I've had about 5000 rounds down the pipe through this one as the original owner thanks everyone!
  20. my socom m4 has started to have feeding issues again! Why does it happen?! i bought it brand new and never opened the gearbox! I remember druid mentioned a few months ago to re assembly the barrel and the problem goes away. What now>!!?! It feeds fine on full auto but on semi it skips or does not feed at all
  21. nice scarH and that camera quality is nice.. what kind of camera is that?
  22. I assume adding a g36 carry handle scope should fit on this just like an other g36 aeg?!
  23. Clearing it using full auto when it locks on semi is a common problem (even in non-recoil aegs). Just use deliberate trigger pulls on semi. Sometimes it forgives you when you press semi a little frequently but it's not too much a big deal. congrats on the purchases!
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