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  1. What do you guys think of the freedom swivel ring that clamps onto the stock? It looks like a non-invasive way to add a sling mount to your rear. Has anyone tried it? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/freedom-art-swivel-ring-for-marui-sopmod-m4.html
  2. Just some non-residue tape. Just peel off and you're good to go
  3. If you think your CA m4 sounds good, wait until you shoot the sopmod/socom m4 in person... EDIT: Where are my manners? received my TM m4a1 SOCOM a bit while ago. It's just a standard set-up (stock internals also) but man do i love this gun. Im glad my TM sopmod has a brother: Echigoya really knows how to handle trademarks: Overall, very happy with ordering from echigoya. Highly recommended!
  4. robi, thanks for taking time out for those pictures. I realize what I was missing (a spring that you showed). I tried to find a view of that on the web but no success. Thanks!
  5. I took the upper of my SOPMOD off just to clean a bit of the insides. When i put it back together, I noticed when i pulled on the charging handle it doesnt produce as much resistance as it used to. Did i lose a spring that was suppose to hold the tension? will anything happen (durability/function-wise) if i dont replace it if it's missing?
  6. is the materials made for the vltor stock any better than what they used to make the crane stock?
  7. agree, dont like that mod style stock. Crane looks so clean and chic
  8. how come that sopmod CQBR seems to have a longer barrel(same size as the regular m4 length sopmod)? did you put that in?
  9. Turns out there was just gunk/debris build-up around the bolt catch area. Shouldve never doubted the marui man
  10. my friend's sopmod bolt thing stopped working. It doesn't disengage (stick out) when it's empty and doesn't seem to be working correctly. how is it repaired? the power to the gearbox is cut off but the bolt doesnt stick out and it's hard to re-engage the sopmod to start firing again. Sometimes I stick my finger in the magwell and fiddle with the inside of the bolt catch to make it have power again to shoot. any ideas? EDIT: Actually, I found a new problem. The bolt seems to engage now but when the gun vibrates, the next shot will be dead (no power). Is this a problem with the cutoff lever?
  11. how did you get it to have that rough/dusty look to it? Very nice finish! looks like it came out of that movie, black hawk down lol
  12. GOOD LAWD THATS A BEAUTY!... Edit: is that two TM socoms I see in those pictures, CK?
  13. sweet! now to look for an ar15 handguard for it.... edit: I've been doing a little searching and i've read a few old threads saying that TM m4s cannot fit real steel handguards without modification. However, I think they were referring to the old m4s and not the SOPMOD or the SOCOM. Can I fit the handguards on without any modifications on this socom? I dont want to assume before buying. I've been looking at these handguards: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/M4-Handguards-Black-p/bcm%20handguards%20m4%20black.htm http://www.parts4ar15.com/ar-15_accessories/product/BL-HGM4.html Whi
  14. @mega Thanks mega, i might try to find some real m4 handguards and do that I have not noticed any barrel wobble on my TM sopmod. I literally held it from its flash hider/barrel end to support the other end of the gun and it's still as solid as a rock. not something i would do often though That being said, will the SOCOM's barrel be as rigid as the sopmod's barrel even though it doesn't have the RIS rail support of the sopmod? Im planning on putting a bottom handguard rail and then attaching a RIS-mounted m203... bad idea? i dont have a barrel mounted m203
  15. has anyone ever tried installing real steel m4 handguards on the SOCOM (or any AEG for that matter)? Is there a reason why it does/does not work? the real m4 handguards are made of some sort of polymer, right?
  16. whats the difference between the 7.4v and the 8.4v? is there an advantage to using a lipo battery? How can the 7.4 lipo be stronger than the 8.4 since 8.4 is at a higher voltage? is it the difference in current? sorry, I never used a lipo before or know much about them. How do these sopmod/socoms handle 7.4 lipos?
  17. Anyone know when echigoya gun will end their free shipping promo?
  18. lol thanks. Im going to be making my order tomorrow. I can show off my SOCOM to you guys once I receive it even though it will probably be generic and nothing special. BUT I WILL STILL LOVE IT so ill do it anyways LOL Also, what is the best bottom handguard rail for the socom? I bought one once for a m4 i had but none of the holes aligned and it was just pretty much..terrible..
  19. is the black silicone just like a light layer of black rubber or something? I just have to peel off or i have to put it in some solution to dissolve? I dont order much from overseas so i have no idea. I'm also getting ready to order the SOCOM with echigoya since their free shipping promo. You guys also approve of this retailer so it makes me feel better. saves me 60$ than ordering from airsoftatlanta. I called a few other US retailers and most of them say that they dont restock this socom or sopmod item because it's too expensive for them lol
  20. Fathammer, if i order from echigoya and they put on that black silicone, will it leave any residue? I'm kinda anal about pristine trademarks LOL. How long ago did you order from them? How much did you pay for the 3 day shipping? If interficium says that their free shipping will only take a week, i might just go with that...
  21. You said you got it from poweredgeusa? I dont see it in stock over there. How long ago did you buy it
  22. I want to order the m4a1 TM socom overseas because only one US retailer has them and it's 570. If i buy through echigoya-guns, it's 499$ with free shipping. Which ones would you guys go with? is the free shipping offered extremely slow (like 2- 3months). Has anyone ordered from this retailer or had any problems? Will trademarks be burned out when i order them to the U.S. or it be seized by customs? I'm wondering if paying the extra 70$ to airsoftatlanta would be worth avoiding the hassle of all that...
  23. wow nice sights... just because of that picture i ordered a carry handle with sights and ditched the rear flip-up sight lol
  24. No U.S. retailer has the TM socom except airsoftatlanta...but they priced it for 570!!! GOOD LORD
  25. akira, since you're also in the US, what retailer did you buy it from?
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