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  1. akira, since you're also in the US, what retailer did you buy it from?
  2. Looks like Im getting the SOCOM! BTW, is it ok to talk about the SOCOM on the sopmod thread? I wasn't sure if there was a separate thread for it...
  3. so many advocates of the socom... im so tempted to get it now. It sucks that the socom is only 10-20 $ cheaper than the sopmod on airsoftatlanta (will be ordering from the US.) consider that the sopmod has the extra rail and everything (SOCOM was about 560$, sopmod/CQB-R is 570). I wish there was an american retailer that sold it for a bit cheaper... I looked at some HK retailers and some sold it close to 500$ even but then add shipping it's only a little cheaper. Airsoftatlanta would get it to me in 2-3 days as opposed to overseas shipping and possible customs issues seizing and burning out t
  4. Thanks for the advice!! So, after experiencing this sopmod, i just love it so much and i have enough to pick up another AEG. I'm definitely picking up another TM EBB, it has made me a believer. I feel like such a hypocrite since i always thought the EBB was a gimmick. Anyways... I'm thinking about getting the TM SOCOM. Do you guys think it's worth it to have two m4s? Is the SOCOM more robust than the sopmod with the issues ironed out (since it was released afterwards). One advantage i can think of is that it can use a standard battery so i can still play throughout the winter if my sop
  5. where can i find this in stock now? i dont see it available anywhere
  6. so i'm ordering the ring tool to tighten my loose buffer tube concerning the problem I've mentioned earlier. How do I know how much more to twist it so i dont damage or over-tighten anything? sorry for the noob question
  7. Thanks for all the helpful advice. I'm going to try and find that ring tool online and order it. I'm not sure if i want to treat my baby with that rough hammer suggestion Until the ring tool arrives, for now it seems to be staying pretty stiff. I took a piece of cloth, extended the crane stock all the way then I just twisted as hard as i could to the right using the cloth for a grip. It stays pretty well now but I'm sure i will need the ring tool in the near future. Is there a possibility of overtightening the buffer tube and ruining something?
  8. i tried to tighten it by twisting it hard to the right but it seems like it's very easy to unscrew that ring if i just turn it a bit to the left. What's a ring tool? if I dont have one, is there another remedy for it and make it stay tight? edit: does the blowback also loosen it more if i dont tighten it before play? i got a game tomorrow and I'm wondering if i could just be consious of it and just turn it back to the right( tighten) if it starts loosening up again.
  9. Seems like my TM sopmod buffer tube is becoming a little loose. I think it happened because I've been slinging it by wrapping the sling around the buffer tube where it meets the receiver and when it hangs, the width from the front of the crane stock is holding it from sliding/falling. I'm guessing over time all that "pull" on the crane stock while hanging vertically eventually made the buffer tube a little loose? The stock also wobbles a lot more since doing that. I see a little ring around the buffer tube. Should i try to tighten that clockwise and that would help a bit without being too inva
  10. bought two months ago and finally fired it for the first time? for me, i would never torture myself like that!!
  11. how come marui was able to make the metal body for this particular series (along with their other EBBs)? i thought it was against the law to have full metal guns? does that mean we will be seeing that 1 joule limit being pushed up a little bit?
  12. I wish I knew what the inside of that building is like. I've seen a photo of the factory in adachi but Im curious if there's any videos with an interviewer walking through the facility. Just thought a company with such age and prestige as marui, they would have a few tours for the public!!
  13. Richard, I highly suggest you send your resume to the Marui company for hire
  14. i played another game today and, as my worse fears suspected, they died after 7-8 mags (mid cap 82) of firing after a full charge!! I wish i could order from richard but I'm not in the UK (I'm assuming you only ship in your country)... Has anyone tried to switch out the cells for better ones and found it to be a hard process?
  15. thanks guys, I feel less stupid LOL @ berserk: That sounds like a good idea. IS there any modifications I will have to do to make the pack work? Or is it as simple as dropping in each individual cells and just lining up the + and - ends correctly? I'm not sure how these sopmod batteries work. It seems like theres a connector at the head of the battery which contacts the part underneath the fuse inside the stock. For the custom pack cells, I may have seen/read this somewhere earlier in the 106 page thread but any recently memory of it has disappeared.
  16. funny story: This past weekend I had a blast with the sopmod, as expected. However, one point I was shooting at an enemy and the gun didn't shoot. Flipped it to auto and no response. Started freaking out that my gun broke but then I completely forgot about the bolt release because Im used to hearing a dry fire even though I run out of ammo The 1300 mah battery lasted fine during my play but I guess I was only there for a half day. This is a noob question but I just want to make sure: Does the SOPMOD standard battery lose charge over time? I thought nimh batteries keeps the charge? or does
  17. I think I've read this previously somewhere in this thread but I have a question about the lock up when you shoot semi too fast. I freed it by switching to auto and going back to semi. Just have to be careful with my twitchy finger on semi. Just curious though, Is there a reason why this happens? I found that it happens on my other AEGs too from time to time. Also, is there any damage Im doing inside the gearbox when it's locked up, i free it on auto, and switch back to semi? Is there a problem if I end up having to free it too many times? I dont want my expensive aeg to get ruined!! ple
  18. Thanks for the advice. RS m4? are you talking about the kwa EBB series that's coming out? Is there a way I can sling this? I really dont want to take apart the buffer tube to put an adapter (i.e. asap) and it didn't seem like the sopmod came with any sling adapters on the front or back. Maybe i can just tie something to the buffer tube and hook my sling there?
  19. I just got my TM sopmod. All I can say is: It's just a brilliant piece of engineering and most easily my favorite aeg of all times by just playing with it for an hour or two. I hope the battery doesnt die on me though. The gun shipped it out a week ago and when it arrived to me it still had juice for me to test it out. Guess it's not that bad as i thought? Thanks for the advice richard. I probably dont plan to disassembly anything so hopefully the buffer tube will stay for a long time. When i got my sopmod though, I noticed the rails were a bit wobbly (from side to side) along with t
  20. How about the buffer tube? does the screw for that need to be retightened from time to time (with locktite) or it's not necessary? I saw that mentioned earlier in the thread somewhere (I finally finished 104 pages!!). A side note: It's still nice to see the same group of people around from two years ago to still be chattering about the TM sopmod actively till this day.
  21. Is it safe to play around with the bolt/charging handle without it breaking? From the videos, it seems to makes a better "clack" sound than most other TM aeg m4s when pulled. My tm m4 has a plastic bolt cover and sounds cheesy when I pull the charging handle... it doesn't feel that durable either.
  22. Oh ok. that's fine as long as I know if I charge them the day before and not have them die on me during an event, I'll be happy.
  23. Should I bring a backup aeg? I'm just scared the battery might die on me (because I've been reading reports of the 1300 mah batteries dyingor not holding their charge as well) and it's making me a bit worried. Especially when I have to drive out a certain distance to an event, i dont want that to happen!! Is there suppose to be a best way to charge this thing?
  24. Hi guys, I've been lurking over this thread for the past 3 days. I'm about to receive a TM sopmod used from a person but it has been left stock. I read the first 35 pages (under 4 sittings, lol) and I haven't gotten to the more updated posts but I will over the next few days as I anxiously await my TM. The wait is excruciating and reading this thread will help some of that time pass by. Now, I plan to leave it stock. What I've gather is that the batteries have problem with cold weather. How are they lasting in normal - moderate high temps? (say, around 75-85 degree F) Do I have to worry a
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