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  1. Complaint letters are pointless the NHS just lies and covers their *albartroth*. The main goal of the NHS is protect the NHS. I have had a recomendation Il dig it out and pass it on.
  2. I have dip and custom leather Gucci holster for it, on that note if anyone wants a recomendation for leather gear pm me. Also... Does anyone have a hwasan shotgun OR a picture of the parts? Trying to get them modelled to get better versions made plus hopefully make a an actual longer barrel stocked one someday
  3. Hedge, working on it, you got any recommendations?
  4. Erm Hi -waves- just had a *suitcase* time of things so sort of withdrew from online stuff linked to hobbies coz... Just got angry looking at stuff that i can't physically do now when its not my fault. But ok... My shitlist is being expected to be a good little spastic and accept a massive physical decline and at the same time accept il be in agony because they want to drop the only meds that make any sort of dent in the pain because basically 'opiates are BAAAAD' the only other alternative the PCT categorically will not support a funding application for and have barred pain management
  5. The head copper in wales is a *Ubar*. He actually BRAGGED on national radio about sitting officers close to biker events to pull large groups and search for issues holding people for 45m as they search desperately around the bike for issues. Even ticketing guys for illegal exhausts who had properly stamped mufflers because 'it sounds too loud' as a great bit of policing. He bragged about targeting tourists and openly admitted he wanted to stop motorcycle riders from visiting wales. Iirc he did some funny stuff with speed cameras as well breaking the rules on placement and not programi
  6. Iv got two of my Cold War goes hot 15mm scale tanks built and on the painters desk, my tornados have had the missing bits turn up. Battlefront are shut and aren't sending replacement bits from kits they tucked up to the shop till their next order BUUIT seeing as people aren't buying from BF because the missing bits and tucked up product takes months to sort out the shop isn't selling enough BF stuff to restock... Also iv stopped really hurting and not fallen over today.
  7. Definitely. Going for a meal with friends if i can be added o get out of bed.
  8. Heh. I agree if you cant/dont want kids there is a sense that...your life isn't complete in the minds of others and they almost try to push you too it. I don't think kids is an option for me, I'd have to come off pretty much every tablet im on and...those nine months would be bedbound screaming and crying and just... The risk of harm to the kid from my falling constantly would be huge. Really basic stuff like going to the shop alone as a stay at home mum would... I'd need a carer with me to do it. Plus i honestly don't think i could put my partner through it. He lost one after birth li
  9. Um... Guys... How easy is it to install a think pad keyboard replacement?
  10. Hedge the only time you would need a new launcher is if you couldn't take something that long and shove it in there and get it to bang. Ooh er missus etc etc etc. I still want a tag round for my pistol grenade launcher that im tempted to try to convert into the German issue launcher type thing.
  11. Lone Bullet, sorry hun its not really something you can TL;DR but basically. The target system is wank because it means they have an incentive to not acknowledge stuff till they can hit targets and make the process so hard you die or give up so you aren't affecting their targets. The current system trying to prevent people abusing drugs makes it hard to get meds and coz of that I get treated like im a smackhead when they *fruitcage* up and put me through withdrawal The NHS system means it doesn't matter if you've done x before they still demand you try it when seeing a new specia
  12. Basically any moscart LAUNCHER long enough to chamber the shell can fire a tag round. The SHELL is what is special, so for example you cant just buy a box of the Reaper air burst shells and whack then in an S thunder long shell and expect them to work. The tag launcher kit as some places label it is a special shell which has rifling on the inside of the shell which allows the tag payload to do its thing. There are special tag launchers out there designed for tag rounds but iirc that is a version of the CAW 6 shot launcher that's been tailor made for the longer tag shells. Som
  13. Every single time i see a new pain management team some 'bright sparks sends me to CBT thing is... In my case its *badger*s. It DOES NOT WORK for someone like me who *massive simplification here* is depressed because she is a drug addict, though not a drug addict by most peoples measures because I'm not taking more than I'm prescribed or doing things like crushing and snorting or injecting after dissolving in alcohol what I'm prescribed I'm am physically dependant on opiates. I am depressed because of that physical dependance on the opiates to function albeit in a rubbish way. (basically my ch
  14. I don't, in all honesty there's never really been much help offered for that area of things mainly because i appear competent i think.
  15. Can someone fill me in here and i think you have 'tink'd' the forum coz when i went back a page in the life is *suitcase* thread I got a white page url does not exist message
  16. I'm not just talking about the nhs side of it although that's part of it. I'm talking about the DWP side of things the benefits system the whole thing really. I got into a hell of a *suitcasey* time because the forms i posted weren't received nd just using the freepost envelope is no guarantee of postage. Despite them having what 25 years of evidence and multiple benefits reviews in the DLA side of things and about 7 years of the Incapacity benefit/ESA stuff every time my benefits change (the shift from IB to ESA and this latest DLA-PIP change) they can't use any of the stuff they alr
  17. Heh i keep forgetting you has mod powers. The question is if you ban someone will it 'tink' the forum? And yeah any interview where you can get feedback is something to try for and you never know you may get the 'you aren't quite qualified but you have the drive and strength and we think with mentoring you could do it' hire
  18. Tired, off, no energy and just feel dogshit. Feels like the system is trying to drive me to suicide with how genuinely hard they make really basic things. Just fed up.
  19. Erm I plead the Fifth on that one, check the rant thread to be honest. Question if you got hit with a Nerf crossbow bolt in an airsoft ame would you take it as a hit or get narked about it and say it doesn't count? They aren't exactly stealthy once fired as they have this kind if creepy mortar style whistle after about 8ft or so but their cool.. Part of me wants the big repeating bow but you need to build a bracket thing to stop the arrows from falling out of the rotating magazine system. Il just be happy with my two tiny crossbows and wait for the dude perfect long bow in summe
  20. The last two months have mostly been brought to me by the dizziness, vomiting, sleep deprevation/oversleeping and *fruitcage*wit doctors. ERN hi. Medication changes where the doc doesn't listen changes things they shunts you off to someone else so you can't speak to them about changing things because its hell are . I'm currently depressed about the state of the world... People Burning the MLK building down ina protest demanding a minority not have the right to speak and engage in political discussion. Big influential universities teaching students that it is completely fine to
  21. Um hey guys *waves* been ill and sleeping allot and ignoring the world so sorry and yeah I'm back. I have my new thinkpad keyboard just got to fit it *gulps* I'm working on larp kit as a generoc oh god what if my character dies thing since i have the awesome blaster done by our very own very awesome Ed-Star...Ed you are just awesome. Now i got some birthday cash from my grandparents and the entertainer are having a huge sale on Nerf stuff i saw when shopping for my sisters birthday present (she's 8 in may...i think it's 8) and part of that was rebelle stuff for dirt cheap. They did
  22. Aaaah that make more sense and urrgh that programming sounds like a pain for the Xbox controller its a nice controller though
  23. Oooh i could do with some spare parts
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