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  1. Dreamer777

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    Alright guys thanks for the help, figured i might as save up for this
  2. Dreamer777

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    Swagtastic review! However i have a few questions - 1:If possible, can I order the upgraded/reinforced version from RA-Tech? do you think it would work like it was intended to? Is it worth it? 2: Which would require the least modification, Real Steel or Airsoft parts, I'm hoping to put this:http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=VFC-AK-RAS-01&search=special&rs=AKS74UN%20&catid=&cat= 3: Where are those CO2 Mags at? D: 4: What are the front side threads? Custom or RS Ak's? 5: What weight of BB's do you recommend? Thanks for any help, God save Princess Celestia.
  3. Dreamer777

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    Someone give me a link to that Custom Krinkov? i need to buy one without as many worries.
  4. Dreamer777

    H&K Picture Thread

    You can put a flashlight handgaurd on those? i never knew. forget M4's i've converted
  5. Dreamer777

    WE G39C GBB

    CO2 Mags in development? (sorry im a CO2 freak and lookign for a good GBBR For a begginer)
  6. Dreamer777


    Anything breaking inside or out? and hows the accuracy? sorry for asking so many questions but i've always craved a masada.
  7. Dreamer777


    Internaly, whats wrong?
  8. Dreamer777


    seeing ohw this thread is byond huge, can some brave gernerously soul basicly sum up the preformance, thoughts and internals, and maybe some ETA on Assciores? Thanks.

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