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    i was the 4th grade.
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Makein' COD kids mad for telling the truth about real guns since COD4.


If i could put a ACOG on a TM SPAS12 i would. Thier both that awsome.


Shotgun lover. Trijicon's fanboy, thats to poor to afford a clone.


Me: How much would it cost you to make me one, i got a blank check, bakeing soda, and willing to do whatever you want for a darkwood version. Byond excellent work, RS should copy this ;)


Renegadecow: Until I find a 100% safe way to send stuff, I'm not risking it.

Btw, what's the baking soda for?


Me:Uh, for makeing various pastries and nothing illegal.


Speztnazdave:This is the most suspicious post I've ever read on Arnies :D

Renegadecow: Oh, you haven't met Darklite? :P



Damn you cybergun...

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