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  1. *fruitcage* this *suitcase* I swear the weather was better in 2013

    1. scorch


      after only 3 days of 2014, you feel confident enough to judge the year already?

  2. Deeley 3, Jeremy Sleep 0

  3. I need resurrecting. Man down.

  4. The plan is I'm going to get leathered with some girls tonight.

  5. I think they should call the royal baby "Gwarnock"

  6. So glad I don't have a TV license

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    2. newgen


      Wondeful YouTube channel though....

    3. paranoiddroid


      its a private company that does the inspections, no special powers of entry just blagging it so the words ###### off and get a warrant work wonders, the shared flat issue only needs separate licenses if the place has locked bedrooms and separate renters per room as that does something *fruitcage*ed with separate dwelling definitions, its why you need one per room in student res rather than a single license covering the whole hall of residents. the argument based on computer equipment is d...

    4. newgen


      Your message was cut off :(


  8. Great Wardogs - feel oh-so punished.

  9. Need someone to give me a crash course in buying and selling shares... help

    1. Bando


      buy low sell high just like everything else in life

  10. I'm having my psychic reading in a few hours time. Little does he know I'm going to read his future instead....

    1. Kunlun


      Maybe he will predict that you were going to read his future. Psychicception?

    2. Banshee_Will


      Your like an airsoft sherlock holmes.



      ...kinda sounds like youre going to kill him

  11. Can anyone here get cheap car batteries at trade price?

  12. urgggh. Kicked out of restaurant last night, more wine, vinegar belly.

  13. Im so hungover I cant see. Help.

  14. Lets get this drink on

  15. Snow, snow, go away, don't come back....Ever.

  16. Needs some ideas of what to paint next - any ideas? Need pics

  17. IS GOING TO SEE A PSYCHIC hahaahah

    1. hitmanNo2


      You had better *fruitcage* with them.

    2. aznriptide859


      Waste of time and money.

  18. RIP Yoda's creator :("Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try"

  19. red wine stomach bubbling vinegar feeling mix

  20. Latest painting finished this weekend...

  21. Starting new painting...in a bit

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