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  1. dave: nice. What pistol is that in the bottom left corner? I can't identify it.
  2. don't put anymore paint on there! It looks good.
  3. I can't unedit Ah well, I just said, "if your serious....I bid $3 " I've been missreading stuff all day lol
  4. Doesn't look much longer than my CA M16. What brand is that? It looks awesome! And man, you have good quality pics lol.
  5. whoops, never mind, I guess you meant you already sold it. hehe, it's early
  6. I have a picture request Could I see a pic of an M16/M4 (preferably M16, but M4 will do) with an uber-cap mag in it? (meaning, drum mag/c-mag/box mag) I want to see what the different kind of mags look with the Armalites, so I can make my descision I already know what that "B mag" or whatever looks like (the one that is on the gun above, way above) so any others would be great.
  7. the FAMAS rail and the MP5 stock were photoshopped, but the guy who made it originally says he actually plans on making that gun
  8. Thanks man, appreciate it
  9. how long is the silencer on those guns? I need an idea on how short to buy (I don't like how long those are I need shorter lol)
  10. when I get my CA M16 back, and if it works, I'll do a video review on it, just a short one. But I'll show it firing and tell a little about it, maybe I can get it in the reviews section or something Anyway, thats only if it works though.
  11. Man, I'm jealous. You guys have these nice stores to go to, with a lot of guns and stuff. All I have is Airsoft Knoxville, which is 2 hours away, is 99.9% armalite and MP5's, and is small. But, it's a store.
  12. I hate you... nice gun man
  13. Get some sleep dude......just get some sleep. But, you said the Tar-21 was cool, so But seriously, this is a "Guns you WISH they made into airsoft" <not exact title but thats what it's for. We know that 99.9% of these will never happen, but we can dream, can't we? So stop posting, or....
  14. is that a cheeck rest or a meat hook?
  15. Tar-21 and varients (smaller versions basically). I love the top one, my dream gun *drools* FN FAL, who DOESN"T want one? lol Sterling, awesome gun MP7, duuuuuh lol Five-seveN, need I say more? As you can see, my airsoft weapon needs are not yet satisfied There are more out there, but I don't feel like posting them all
  16. why do the stocks on commander's tommy look red? blam, that second M4 picture looks totally AWESOME! I think I'll set it as my background on my PC lol.
  17. that was to return it, not get it fixed. Normally I would have to pay something for the repair, but since I recieved it broken, they are doing it free.
  18. I checked through that list (about 5 times, over a period of time lol) and I didn't see any box or c mags on an M4 or M16/M15. Suprising, yes. I'm going to check out the 200 paged one as well (over a very looooong period of time lol) The status of my unfortunate M16 is currently in shipment back to Airsoft GI. They are going to give me a free repair along with a free sack of BB's, because of the inconvenience (a bigger one then they imagine, I will probably miss the big August game<like, 30-40 people are supposed to show up>because of the broken gun, but atleast they are correcting
  19. wow, so not a single person has an M16 or M4 with a box or c mag on it?
  20. Hey, I'm wanting to get a box or c-mag for my CA M16 in order to turn it into a support weapon (going to do a lot more than that though). So show me some pics of any type of hicap mag, other than the standard ones! Thanks!
  21. stealing my name that needs a "Credit to MM" in it
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