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  1. Couldn't find a anywhere else to put this:
  2. From what I know, there aren't all that many of these out there. Last time I heard from LCT, all the rest they had were sent to Hong Kong, so expect to find some there soon.
  3. KSC with SD slide Soon to be joined by a full size one.
  4. Made a drawing in Photoshop of my GP35
  5. I never knew how big the M500 really is, till now.
  6. Here's my TM, with a few upgrades
  7. The real steel magazine shells and wood grips really do a great job making the airsoft look good. I should get back to modifying mine too.
  8. Tanaka GP35 with Tanaka MKIII
  9. TM P226 rail type with metal parts
  10. Nice to see everyone's collections. Here's my 545 toy AK collection.
  11. Can't decide where to put these so here they are:
  12. That one is a commander, still have to get an officer 1911.
  13. My WA 1911A1 military one isn't done yet, so the Series 70 will have to take its place.
  14. I know it's a PM holster. Everything else I had was too big for this little toy. Background is a Marushin M1 Enforcer.
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