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  1. Multicam_Pegasus

    Glock Picture Thread

    TM System G19 (KJW/We etc) owners:, can you use a 17/18 mag in it? And what other parts fit?
  2. Multicam_Pegasus

    1911 Picture Thread

    He has a gun but wanted to know if anyone has built a custom one. Still, I would assume the DW is a 2011, no?
  3. Multicam_Pegasus

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Where are you based (I'm on mobile) when I got an ASG AK (solid stock, not folder) it was a CYMA. Nice gun though! Parts list! (Including base model)
  4. Multicam_Pegasus

    1911 Picture Thread

    Anyone seen Colts new M45A1? Looks like the TM/WE desert warrior 5.1! I just saw a video on YT and thought.. That's the Desert warrior! Hmnnn
  5. Multicam_Pegasus

    1911 Picture Thread

    I'll probably end up getting the Nineball as its not too much £30~ if I order stuff together and a Better internal barrel. Thanks for the info Kenxin
  6. Multicam_Pegasus

    1911 Picture Thread

    I sold my two M9s (thank God) today and got the money to get a decent 1911. As a 1911 owner anyway I'm OK with brands such as SD, 9Ball etc.. But one problem I have is finding a threaded barrel to fit a standard 1911/MEU pistol.. I have my eye on a Kimber kit or WE Desert Warrior 5.1 + TM 1911A1 (Strip metal kit from WE) Has anyone got any experience with the Madbull one or Nineball? I heard the 9Ball was made of pot-metal?

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