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    Trying to get into it but failing - Mum and VCRB issues
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    Not a lot - DPMs and a Viper Assault vest. When I get to uni i'll probably buy some better stuff and some weapons
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    Ya Wha??
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  1. TimeToDie


    OK i think it's time to stop using the nickname "tank" _______________________ OK your weapon is bigger than mine then _______________________ Come on I know my armour can withstand anything but i just need to test it
  2. And now we see conclusive proof that the WRAF really have got nothing to do ___________________ DON'T YOU DARE SWALLOW MY PORK PIE!!!
  3. TimeToDie

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    Alright, who nicked his lower jaw
  4. I found a good one that could be used occasionally found here if anyone is interested LINKY
  5. BTW how did it go off topic - i thought the topic all revolved around "Love you arnies" I have broadband - the moment i log on internet automatically starts up and goes straight to arnies Edit: Love you arnie (in a platonic sense - i don't actually love you - just your site :P :P
  6. Like arnie said - very worrying this concept of creating 1 mod from 2 people by mixing and matching. It gives me the creeps thinking about it OT = me right now, just had ma mornin coffee and i still feel asleep
  7. I personally second the nomination of Ghost_rider and Shao14 ( i.e. i agree they should be considered) And to the list i add.....................HaVoC - unless of course his infamous spamming spree takes him out of the running
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