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  1. none at all lol - im gonna WD40 the thread (unless WD40 corrodes plastic, in which case ill find something else) if that fails - meh, ill have to live without
  2. pictures, as requested
  3. pics asap - been having problems with the computer and camera (specifically, both of them together) i have no idea who makes it - there is no branding on it whatsoever
  4. cant find the edit button but - power is less than i stated, more like 0.4 joules. im tempted to get the cyma one and sell the one i like the least
  5. the box looks like the CYMA mp5-j one. sounds about the right quality too
  6. not sure if reviews are allowed so if not - feel free to move or whatever my mp5-a4 finally arrived so without further ado.... initial impression - as i took it out of the box it felt solid and heavy, although there is something rattling inside. comes with 6 rechargable AA batteries, charger, silencer, and 1000 0.12 BB's (coutesy of airshooter). being my first AEG i have little to compare it to, although hilariously the picture on the box is of the tokyo marui model as far as looks go, i cant complain. its obviously an mp5, although it does look plasticy. being plastic, hardl
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