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  1. Just logged on for the first time in 7 years, haven’t scored in 12 I think... lockdown makes us do funny things. Decided after racing cars for 10 years I can afford a side hobby, so it’s time for some more softing. ... no let’s build an SSG 35rps reliable ROF monster and get back on the horse! ... oh wait, all the sites are closed.
  2. My prodigal son, now I'm gone listen to him if you want to know about high ROF!

  3. 40rps club. I think there's only about 4 members in the UK, but hey. Good to see someone on the high ROF ball.

  4. So, 7000ish rounds later with the new G&P white piston at 500fps and not a hitch. I think I've found my new favourite piston, still using TM's in all my other AEG's though. I reinstalled the selector plate just for a burst at 500fps (usually it's single shot only), it was only about 50 rounds, but I wanted to see what the ROF would be like - admittedly it was probably about 25rps, hardly impressive, only a little faster than a stock TM on a large 9.6. Still, who cares, it's back to single shot now, and the important thing is trigger delay is minimal which is what you need in a sniper role.
  5. Just got back from dorking, blinding day, although it did chuck it down at the end. Plenty of laughs, plenty of kills, plenty of noobs. Chrono'd the G36, aiming for 500, came out at 498, not bad I think. Range with .25s was ballistic, sadly though my battery died after only 2500 rounds, it wasn't fully charged because I was rushed, but I was expected a few more shots that that out of it. I did reflect on how lucky it was I previously installed a MOSFET on that weapon, 2500 shots on single shot with a 12v... there'd be no trigger contacts left if I hadn't. Still need to get some .3g f
  6. Well the fiesta was lifted onto the back of a flat bed truck and taken away, was beginning to become an eye sore out in the street in the condition it was in. I still can't find my discharger, pain in the *albartroth*, I rigged up a 12v bulb to substitute for now. .25g are just too light for 500+ fps, unstable as *fruitcage*. Need to get some blaster .3g. Got work tomorrow 9-5.. not too bad, usually 8:45-6:30 on weekdays; I don't mind working Saturdays actually, goes fairly quickly as there's more business, can you guess what I do? I didn't know Men could get yeast infectio
  7. The title of this entry comes from the beginning of Empire Stikes Back, this idiot just has one line to say - Good, our first catch of the day- and he totally messes it up. Anyway, haven't softed for 5 Months and have a game on Sunday, should be a gooden only taking the two G36s, and probably an AEP. My parts arrived from Fire Support and Zero One on Wednesday and I ordered them on Tuesday - result. 2 white G&P Pistons and an ICS turbo 3000. My long g36 is now very naughty and very single shot only. M160, mosfet, 12volt, 6.03mm, plus LOADS of other extras, will let you know th
  8. Chav 1, "'As it got dump valve bruv?"

    Chav 2, "Cuz I is tellin' you it's got a chrome plated, nickle plated, flavoured dump valve bruv, when I come off the boost it makes more whooshes than a fu*kin' Dyson!"

  9. M15 external issues - this is your man. M15 internal issues - this is your man, and other internal or exteral issues... you guessed it.

  10. Spot on technical advice all day long!

  11. This guy realises the awesomeness of the CA36 and so should you.

    He's always giving good, accurate advice too. Top man.

  12. Top - Jing Gong G36c – 335fps CA 6mm metal bushings Reshim Systema Bearing spring guide A old Guarder SP100 Swisscheesed CA piston Vented JG piston head with M3 fixing 16 AWG wiring + Deans Connectors Mosfet 10.8volt 3300mah NiMH Battery Guarder clear rubber Prom 6.03mm x 363mm M4 barrel Twin thread 150mm Silencer TM vertical grip G&P PEQ Bottom - CA G36 - 355fps G&P 7mm bearings Reshim Guarder bearing spring guide Prom MS110 Systema Cylinder CA swisscheesed piston Vented TM piston head with M3 fixing CA O-ring air nozzle T
  13. Just got hold of a brand new JG G36 last night, I must say I'm impressed. The body isn't quite as nice as a CA but it's to be expected. This is what I've done so far: Externally: 15mm Silencer CA side rail G&P 10.8 volt 3300mah PEQ Internally: CA metal bushings CA cylinder CA tappet plate CA swiss cheesed piston M3 piston head fixing Systema Bearing spring guide Guarder SP100 Reshim Rewired with Mosfet and Deans connectors. Guarder Clear hopup rubber, Prometheus 6.03 x 363mm M4 barrel All the internal and external mods came from my sp
  14. Why would I want to do that? Then I would only have 300 round hicaps to use instead of 470, plus I can clip G36 hicaps together. G36 hicaps is so much better than Armalite ones, plus I've got 5 of the buggers so I'm not going to waste them. Ice
  15. I changed the camo just enough to warrant another photo. The white stains are paint, the sheet I used was used as a floor mat for painting..... honestly it's paint. Ice
  16. 'Bout the same as mine. So it's doing that FPS but going nowhere; it's obviously hop related, well I'm sure we'll figure it out. Ice
  17. You can whack some rounds through it next time I'm down if you like. To be honest the setup isn't that fast (excluding the battery) it's just got very little trigger delay, your setup on my battery would obviously be faster. Just give it time and more £££. Ice
  18. Yeah a larger volume cylinder will slow your ROF a bit, but it will give better airflow with that longer barrel, and when we get it working - higher fps, so it was worth doing. You down Sunday week? Ice
  19. Doesn't sounds too great, still; mind if I have a butchers next time I'm at Worthing; if you're there obviously. Ice
  20. For me, that really makes or breaks the entire setup . Seriously though; very nice rig, what battery have you got in the stock there? Ice
  21. Yeah, but my WGC order hadn't arrived by then so the 12volt was gaffa taped to a C-stock, plus I was firing through a Deepfire 6.04 on solid bushings. So not as smooth or accurate, but it still gave me a decent range advantage over just about everyone, and turned a few heads with the ROF. The ghillie was a bit of a disaster, totally the wrong colour, especially for this time of year, I think I'll soak it in a bucket of dirty water for a few days or something. Saw you in the Multicam, bloody geardo . What was with the shotty, didn't you have an AEG? I'll probably be down Sunday
  22. A poor excuse for a ghillie, yes.
  23. Externals: CA36 CA36c top rail G&P retractable butt stock G36c rail on foregrip Guarder aimpoint rep Internal mods: Prometheus 6.03 x 534mm barrel Guarder hopup rubber CA O-ring airnozzle Systema type-0 NB Cylinder TM piston (heavily modified) Vented TM piston head with M3 fixing Guarder SP100 spring Guarder bearing spring guide G&P 7mm ball race bearings Re-shim Selector plate removed and switch assembly simplified Rear wired with 16awg Deans connectors 12volt 4300mah NiMH battery. Deadly accurate and with .25s the range is a
  24. I thought the ICS M4 anniversary edition was the only ICS to have an aluminium piston, or have they tripped on enough acid to come up with a reason to put it into the MP5 as well? Can anyone actually confirm this? Ice
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