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    CZ Picture Thread

    Thanks, doesn't sound that bad at all. I've just ordered one, so we'll see how it turns out
  2. Hopna

    CZ Picture Thread

    Nice! Any problems with the VZ.58? I'm really interested in getting one, as it's one of my favourite models, but Ares isn't exactly known for making reliable gearboxes.
  3. That explains the siderail on the handguard on the upper photo . I guess I'd rather use a gun with stock parts than fit it with fancy and exciting ACM parts in a real life situation. Edit: On second thought, that also applies to airsofting.
  4. As far as I know the only difference is the handguard. Apart from that, they look the same.
  5. That is indeed quite a problem with the HK33. I was interested in buying one once, but it turned out finding magazines was actually quite hard. The ones that I did find were hicaps, and I just can't stand those. Definitely no first world problems here.
  6. Fire-Support has the HK33's in stock. They haven't got that much left, so if you want one, now is your chance. Edit: Here are the links: http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/classic-army-aeg--ca33-ka3--black-aeg-airsoft-gun http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/classic-army-ca33e-airsoft-gun-aeg
  7. I believe that the Force Core AK's are rebranded budget E&L AK's. They are probably the same as the Meister Arms AEG's. Meister Arms is a name E&L uses for their cheaper AK's, which use the same externals as the normal versions, but they lack certain features such as a quick change spring, they have no high-torque motors, I thought they have some cheaper wiring and they don't have fance boxes (Oh my). Edit: The QCS version obviously does come with a quick change spring, but the other ones don't
  8. Here you go: http://en.safarasoftair.com/ghk-kac-personal-defense-weapon I've got this one as well and I believe it's a Gen2 version with fixed hop-up. It's quite gas efficient, it makes a lot of noise and it kicks harder than my G&P M4A1 with steel bolt carrier, so I love it. Also, some spare parts can be bought here: http://fg-airsoft.com/en/5-parts-for-ghk-pdw If you order from Safarasoftair, keep in mind that it comes with a orange flashhider. It's a 14mm CCW if I remember correctly, so replacing it won't be a problem.
  9. Nice guide, very informative and thorough. I really appreciate the effort you've put into it.
  10. Although I haven't used my G&P M16 that much yet, the Prowin's I own have been working quite well so far. If I had to buy more magazines, I'd probably choose Prowin again. The G&P PMAG's are supposed to be very nice as well, although I haven't got any experience with those. I've heard something about people having to upgrade their hammer spring when using the Prowin's though, but in my case this wasn't necessary. Since those springs are quite cheap, you could consider buying one just in case when you order the magazines.
  11. Nice review so far. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing more about it's durability .
  12. That's not that bad, but it's a shame it isn't a full travel one. It still looks beautiful though. Let's hope someone makes a GBBR version .
  13. How far goes the charging handle on the VAL? I hope it's a full travel one, but I'm not really sure about that.
  14. You'll also need another gasblock to make it legit . All of your AK's are looking great btw, especially that AKM. Great collection.
  15. Ah, nice. That doesn't seem to be that hard at all. It will probably take some weeks before I'll order one, but atleast now I know how to make it work well. Thanks again.
  16. Sounds like it doesn't take that much effort to make it work well. Thanks a lot for the response, as you've really helped me .
  17. I'm starting to get interested in this gun, so I have a few questions. 1. First of all, are there any parts that tend to break really fast and need to be upgraded in order to make it skirmishable? 2. Are there any shops in Europe that have upgrades/spares for this gun? I've looked at multiple stores and I can't really find it. 3. Any upgrades that are highly recommended to enhance it's performance? I'd gladly sacrifice some recoil to make it more reliable/efficient. I've already looked on multiple sites, but I can't find that much about the UMP. I guess the MP5 and HK416 are more popula
  18. I guess I won't be buying any VFC GBBr then. Such a shame, as they look great. If only the performance was alright, I'd gladly buy one.
  19. Hehe, very subtle . I've already seen that video, but I was wondering if someone who actually owns one knows whether that gun is reliable or not. Many products seem to be nice at first, but break after a few weeks of use. Especially after reading some reviews about other VFC GBBRs I can't imagine the G36 is much better.
  20. Those performance issues don't surprise me, but I didn't expect that gun to feel so cheap. Such a shame, as a full size MP7 that performs well would still be a great addition. Slightly OT: How are the G36 GBBRs from VFC? They look great, as do most VFC weapons, and it is quite cheap. The latter doesn't make it sound like a safe choice though.
  21. Ok nice, thanks for the answer. In that case the TT looks pretty perfect to me.
  22. I'm thinking about buying a TT33 as well. It just looks so great, but I hope the trigger doesn't feel as heavy as a DA. I really hate a heavy trigger pull . By the way, beautiful TT Squad701. How is gas consumption with the steel slide?
  23. A perfect exterior is just what we expect from VFC . Shame about the cooldown though, but thanks for the warning anyway. Maybe a second generation will be better, as you said.
  24. It looks bigger than the KWA I have, probably because the VFC is the right size. Let's hope it's more durable than certain other VFC GBBRs. I don't really like that gas tube sticking out, but the rest actually looks really nice. Can you please keep us updated on the durability? If it doesn't destroy itself in a few months, it might actually be a great addition
  25. Always nice to see an XM8 for a change. Despite the fact that the whole XM8 project was cancelled, I've always thought it's a very interesting weapon. If only someone made a real polymer GBBR version
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