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    Airsoft, working on our local field, I do most of the work, atm kinda going for a cracked look mostly just the main barrier in the middle
  1. Alias what barrel is that?
  2. What model handguard is that? Its Magpul, but I don't see it on their site. Thanks
  3. Did you modify the Guarder barrel for the TM?
  4. Alias-what barrel did you use?
  5. That PBS! I have had one for awhile was thinking of selling it...not anymore hahaha Thanks!
  6. Looking to put a MRDS on my 1911 saw a guy last weekend with it didn't get a chance to ask him about it. Anyone else have experience with this? Not looking to spend too much...
  7. Has anyone put a madbull compensator on a KJW co2 1911?
  8. Wigs-you just gave me a great idea on that stock!
  9. My new setup Haven't had a chance to run it but it feels really nice
  10. any links to that on a short barrel? Nm i should have searched first lol
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