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  1. Good review, I've always wondered how well these function. Aside from the fan noise issues I would personally always go for the TM ones over a cheaper copy, you just don't know the tolereances the copy ones are made to and if they're like other stuff I've had from Ebaybanned I certainly wouldn't trust my eyesite with one of their products! It's one thing when your dropleg holster/tac vest/NVG mount falls apart but I'd rather spend a few quid more when it comes to my eyes!
  2. Thanks Hwagen, I'll check the hop out, the mags do sit a bit lose to be fair I was actually going to get them from land warrior but they were out of stock, everywhere seemed to have Hi caps only at the time so I went for the used ares ones, at least they were cheap :-)
  3. I'm not sure how to check the hop performance, I'm using a normal battery not a lipo, I think it's an 8.6 and the main mags I use are Ares ones as no-where had any G and P ones!
  4. I've got one of the Sentrys, great gun but for some reason it doesn't like feeding BBs on semi auto, works every time on full auto though, weird!
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