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  1. Mrfoss


    micro switches are perfect for operating the mosfet. That way you don't burn up your micro switch and you get a awesome trigger response.
  2. Mrfoss

    Magpul PTS PDR-C

    Aod you have changed out most of the internals and your running a mosfet right?
  3. Mrfoss

    Magpul PTS PDR-C

    This is terrible. First of warranty is negative as you void it if you open the gearbox or do changes to the gun in anyway. From the info I have gotten this weapon needs improvements before it is usable. Including a single only block, mosfet, new motor, 11.1V lipo, etc. On that video AOD posted I could hear the windup time was long, and the single system did (once at least), not fire after pulling the trigger. RoF was good when it first was going. Anyway, my point is many airsofters would void the warranty to get the PDR up to par. Specialy if you are going to use it in a CQB enviroment where you need to use single only. Further taking into account that many will void the warranty they can’t get spare parts. As you stated, one needs to be a retailer of Magpul pts. To the review part I applaud this review, looking past arnies forum. There is excessively many reviews that go something like this: “This gun is awesome in every way, only negative I can find is the box it came in is not cool.”
  4. Mrfoss

    Magpul PTS PDR-C

    I have the pts, my gf actually said here the other day that she is happy I got a systema ptw from tac because I no longer have to dismantle and spread my gun around after every skirmish. Found that funny considering the price tag of a ptw.
  5. Mrfoss


    I dont know that one, but important question is does it fit as a drop in for Masada gearbox(v2-3)?
  6. Mrfoss


    Any idea when and where it is coming? Is there a site i can check for info? Has anyone here tried the Aggressor studios complete upgraded gearbox? Or experience with their airtight solutions? https://www.facebook.com/AggressorStudio @hokum, you can wait for a drop in mosfet or Aggressor recommended Gate MERF 3.2 mosfet. http://www.gatee.eu/MERF3EN.pdf
  7. Mrfoss

    PTW clones( DTW A&K etc)

    I would need to see the grouping and range on this before considering it. No way back for me after I ordered a Tac'ed PTW with he's hop up unit.

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