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  1. My KISS carbine, with ambi mag release, flashlight bracket,4-positiion style stock, RS Fab-Defense carbine handguard and bastardised low profile carry handle (and 70's magpul)
  2. 40 years of weapons programs (SALVO, ACR, OICW, XM8, SCAR, HK416 and assorted PDWs) have shown us one thing about the American military: They don't actually want to replace the AR-15, they just want to stick lasers, lights, sights and grenade launchers on it.
  3. All China Made, unbranded copies
  4. My Little Carbine For a long time I was really skeptical about all the Magpul stuff, But it really works well, especially the MOE pistol grip, much better than the standard A2 (also the reason none of the colours match is that apart from the PMAG, everything is ACM)
  5. More updates The grip has a cut out on the right side, possibly for a full-auto sear P1000439 by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr I noticed that even when on safe pressing the trigger to left and pulling could actuate the hammer. I swapped the trigger bar with the one from my marui which fixed the problem, look like it was simply bad alignment between the safety and the trigger bar. Good news though, remember the trigger bar spring on the marui? P1000440 by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr That little brass knot is only held in by friction but at least it no longer shoots of int
  6. So, HK came out with a full metal Samurai edge under half the price of the Marui version, How does it stack up? Tokyo Marui on left, HK on right by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr (You can see a customised my Marui 'Edge by adding a lanyard ring) Tokyo Marui on left, HK on right by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr As you can see in the pictures, the plastic grips have a more visible and convincing wood grain effect ( made with fibres embedded in the plastic, and the colour of the slide and frame are more consistent. magazines by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr The
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