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  1. New Video: Novritsch SSX303 Airsoft DMR Review With the Novritsch SSX303 Airsoft DMR being released over a year ago and with loads of hype surrounding it. I had to see if the Novritsch SSX303 lived up to all this hype or would it turn out to be s**t. In this review video you will hear my opinions on this Airsoft DMR / Assault gbb. Is it worth it ?? https://youtu.be/jUzBiwazvYc
  2. Best Bang For Your Buck Airsoft Rifle. This is what I asked myself when I picked up this Cyma CM.041G Airsoft MP5 . When it comes to airsoft MP5 AEGs.There are plenty to choose from. So what is the Cyma CM.041G Airsoft MP5 actually like. Take a look at my review and find out. https://youtu.be/PcpSSpFCVK8
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