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    I could do one of these a LONG time ago.
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    A long time
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    TM G36C (Two Tone :()
    TM 1911
    TM HiCapa 4.3
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    Looking to get into skirmishing after a long time collecting, its funny what buying a new gun for something completely different can do.
  1. This is amazing! My fav. is Somali pirates.
  2. Does anyone know what the little things that come with the BB are for??
  3. I didnt even notice it was back until this thread.
  4. IIRC its horrible to set it up because it can play around with the database - archived posts, and member numbers for one thing can get altered, similar to when accounts get deleted. Dom
  5. Thats rather nice... Dom
  6. Mymy.... Very nice. Dom
  7. I guess that means I am really, really slow. Thanks caz, Dom
  8. Am I being REALLY slow? Mines just vanished (Or I only just noticed it has vanished...) Thanks! Dom
  9. Belong in the 2011 thread surely Krame? We need more posts in there... Especially with guns like that... Got a spec list? Dom
  10. Will sort out some red capa pics - only problem is I dont have a trigger for that one (lose the retaining pin, anyone got a spare?) Will try and get them up later. Thanks! Dom
  11. Yep its a WE Grip. And it is VERY good value for money. I went WE because nowhere did the red SD one (This is one of a pair,) and the fit and finish are second to none, everything was drop in and fit perfectly. Dom
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