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  1. Can I post my own "My Guns" thread, or do I need to break it up to go under all the different categories?

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    2. aznriptide859
    3. airsoftg36c
    4. Banshee_Will


      Well it is irritating if you sub divide that way people can look at guns which they are interested it rather than having to look through pages and pages.

  2. Always wanted to hear this song as a remake, but was always afraid it would be destroyed... No need to worry :D
  3. GRRR! All my friends going to an airsoft war, and I can't go because my parents are too afraid I'll get hurt!!! Remind me why I play airsoft again?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bladerunner168


      You play Airsoft to get hurt? is this the fetish side of the game that only the Germans play? ;o)

    3. Teekoo


      Are your friends going to Afganistan, as they are going to a war?

    4. airsoftg36c


      Fine. Skirmishes.

      And... The library.. I've lied enough that they would see straight through that one.

  4. "Hold on tight, boys, I'm gonna R.U.N.N.O.F.T.!

  5. Found a new band: Hammerfall. I like them...(No homo)

    1. Azubi


      Hammerfall are awesome!


  6. Can anyone link me to a nice 7.4v lipo and a nice lipo charger? I need em brand new and cheap, as I only have $62.

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    2. DarkMM


      I quite like the BOL LiPo charger




      As before Firefox aren't bad, But I've also used Intellect and G&P without issue

    3. tinydata


      I use the BOL charger too. Its a good, cheap charger that works. As for a lipo, the Red Star 7.4v I used in my PDW was decent.

    4. airsoftg36c


      Sweet! Thanks guys!

      The Lipo needs to fit in a G36c handguard, and not run the motor to death for another 3 years(That's when I turn 18)

  7. http://webchat.quakenet.org/ This is the right chat right? There's nobody there... :(
  8. My parents are watching TV... On my PC... On my gaming PC... On the only PC that has my games... This sucks.

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    2. Gunmane


      Welcome to my world when I first got a ps3. Now, even though they have a blue ray dvd player, they still need me to run movies on their own ps3 at times...

    3. danielsilva


      The solution is easy ... just tell them to GTFO.

    4. DarkMM


      You should really have a normal TV for just this eventuality - and lie about the abilities of your PC

  9. What's up with the Arnie's chat? I can't get in. There's either an error, or I can't connect...

    1. cazboab


      if the java ap isn't working try http://webchat.quakenet.org/ type whatever you want as your name(no spaces or weird characters or it'll just cut off from the first one you use) in the name box and "#arniesairsoft" exactly like that in the channels box

  10. Howdy Arnies! Where does one go to post an intro thread around here?

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. paranoiddroid


      a challanger appears, *wild airsoftg36c uses n00bish spamming* *fireknife responds with cheap inuendo* lol

    3. paranoiddroid


      a challanger appears, *wild airsoftg36c uses n00bish spamming* *fireknife responds with cheap inuendo* lol

    4. Seraphim989


      I'm not sure, FireKnife has some pretty impressive capabilities and has been in top form this season, it's going to be a tough challenge for the rookie. And now it's Tom with the weather

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