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  1. How I remedied the switch problem in my own special way. I simply jammed a small piece of folded paper so that the switch is set to the setting I want, then used a small bit of gaffa tape to cover up the switch area. No more problems with the battery changing its position. Another problem I remedied my own way was the box mag drooping on the holder, using some green string. I simply tied some green string through the hole above the BB feed pipe, through the hole of the cloth box mag holder and then over the top of the mag holder. That way its held in solid and the feed
  2. Hillslam how are you fitting this H hop up nub, as there is no way that i can see to fit a hop nub in there other than the one they have at the awkward angle. Edit: What size of motor does this take? long or short? I tried putting a stronger spring in (m125) and it took the ROF down a bit HOWEVER it started double feeding horrendouly, dropped every other shot very shot with low fps as well as double feeding and longer bursts sounded like the motor was struggling as the ROF went steadily down.
  3. How was gunners support out of interest? Speed of delivery from the day you bought and what postage did you use out of interest? Sorry, im a bit excited Ebaybanned never sent my first one, so after 3 weeks of waiting Ive finally been able to reorder from gunners. No one hit any problems as of yet?
  4. Pics would be nice as I'm a little confused as to how crane battery will fit in as its longer wheras a stubbier standard wont. Cheers for the offer by the way.
  5. Quick question. Just placed an order for one of these beauties. Can anyone confirm what size of a 9.6v could I fit in it? A 3300mah fit in there fine? Cant wait for it to arrive
  6. A terible picture but you get the idea
  7. Havent got many in action pics of my temperate cadpat loudout... mainly because no one can usualy bloody see me
  8. Yup, Arid CADPAT, with temperate official CF vest and Boonie and my beloved type 89.
  9. As the chap above said, its just a pair of Bulle Nomex Flight gloves.
  10. My extremely low budget OD loadout. It should have my serpa on there, unsure to why im not wearing in in that pic.
  11. Any chance of a pic of it with an extended crane stock mate?
  12. 10mm spacer you say.... i must try that as i have a spare new madbull steel toothed piston lying around somewhere, although ill put good money on it that its in my house in bristol.... bloody typical ¬_¬
  13. Army one and i got it from RSOV, ill email keith saturday at the latest.
  14. Well mine arrived this morning... with a host of problems, blowback non working, missing the front receiver pin, rust in lots of places, doesnt actually seat any magazines, including the army one supplied and a dodgy hop up. More detail over the weekend as at the minute im just back from 3 days of 12 hour shifts and im just dying from tiredness.
  15. I cant stand city link because they charge so extortionately for delivery to Northern Ireland and then forget to deliver it on time, as do parcel force if you pay for their special NI 24hr delivery (regular 24 can be used but takes 48 hours) Royal mail are one of the few who dont charge through the *albatross* to post here, they charge exactly the same rates and ive never had a problem with them. My r85 has just been passed from international hub to national hub, here tomorow then hopefully, although ill have to wait until monday for them to redelivery so i can pay the customs
  16. Mine has just passed through customs with parcel force with charges Expect it to be here saturday or monday.
  17. How long did it take yours to come from RSOV and did it get hit by customs?
  18. Placed my order with RSOV late last night, was posted 7 hours ago, brilliant service so far keith mate cheers Now i just hope im not hit by customs, its likely however as i bought 3 guns totalling 160 squids. Cant wait to get my mits on this.
  19. I had my type 89 out in the pouring rain last sunday, performed brilliantly, the hop up is very good and i was getting better range than some upgraded guns and the 3round burst was the only option needed all day.
  20. I havent actually been able to dissasemble mine as of yet lol The quick take down thing doesnt seem to want to play ball for me... or am i doing it wrong? (it pains me to ask this question as ive never had this problem before not even with RS lol)
  21. Hes right about the 9.6v mate, there isnt a hope in hell of getting one in there, the biggest you can fit is a n 8.4v1300 (well biggest i can get in mine) and thats a bloody snug fit at that, i have heard some people say putting the battery in and getting it to fit. Thats half true, if you have a battery with a decent length of wire before the connecter its fine and easy, can do a abttery change in seconds. As for the performance, mine is on par with the tm m14?!?! on semi auto anyway and the groupings with the 3rd burst are almost as good. Funny that. I do agree however that youll probab
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