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  1. I think this is a great idea. Nice one! cheers.
  2. You serious? Im surprised you did not get shot...
  3. Isnt the dot sight on backwards???
  4. That link to the review wont work. How many bbs in a shell? cheers.
  5. Hey! that is cool my friend! I was thinking of getting one of those. Is it any good? How many shots does it shoot? How powerfull? cheers.
  6. ooooooooo..... ahhhhhh...... big and shiny
  7. I mean it to look like a sniper. Its more that than a shottie. I think the silencer looks good. It looks better in life than the pic.
  8. Why thankyou! Its got good range, accuracy and power too! + is more compact than a sniper.
  9. Do you mean mine? Its black and.. well black. lol. Just slightly different shades. Sorry about the pic. I took it on my phone.
  10. Here is my collection as it stands: Ca870 upgraded internals with silencer and 3-9x50 scope WA Infinity 6inch Marushin Raging Bull 8inch Marushin 8mm derringer
  11. My Ca870 CQB (not so CQB) with extended inner barrel, silencer to cover and upgraded spring.
  12. - shot with a 6mm bb from my CA870 (stock at the time Just incase you have not yet found out for yourself... You cannot switch the lights off with a gun. (The light is still on in this picture) This is my door! Shot with both 8mm and 6mm bbs from various guns when I have missed what I was aiming for. Some crappy candles I was given and decided were perfect targets . The large dents in the foreheads are 8mm bbs from my raging bull. In the middle one there is still a .3g 6mm bb from my upgraded CA870. It went too deep to come out.
  13. I was going to get one of those for my gf but she pursuaded me to get her a Marushin COP... suppose I should not complain as its cheaper....
  14. lol. I wondered what you were thinking. As you can probably see. I can do it on the program too!
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