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  1. Getting my G&G SCAR back from the airsmith today. Might paint her tomorrow. Airsoft Sunday!

  2. AGM works like a charm. Just need a real PEQ and Ill be good to go!

  3. Might have my AGM today! Gonna walk to Hobby Lobby and get some paints, and see if I can SEAL her up a bit

  4. "Right now, somewhere on planet Earth, a US Navy Seal is walking around thinking, "I just shot Osama bin Laden in the face." Unbelievable."

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    2. danielsilva


      Or if you're Italian, if god give you lemons you make lemon sorbet ... nom nom nom nom

    3. renegadecow


      Just make sure it's not a snow cone with pee.

    4. VenomHound-KAG


      Im in Louisiana; theres no such thing as snow

  5. I hope to have my first M4 this week coming, and AGM. KAG training next weekend, and the Second Sunday Shootout

  6. New here, not new to airsoft. Lets see what happens here...

    1. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Prepare to have all your time consumed reading threads all day and refreshing for updates.

    2. T0p Sp!N

      T0p Sp!N

      Take a peek at the Projects section and the Weapons picture section and enjoy your stay.

    3. VenomHound-KAG


      Thanks for the warm welcome mates!

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