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  1. VFC HK416C just became mine.
  2. Nice Frogfish all you need now is the butt pad and tactical zip-tie lol..
  3. Suppressor made and fitted, just need to get it painted up now.
  4. 3 from me at Skirmish Airsoft East Anglia in the summer.
  5. My VFC M4ES Stinger, going to get a custom silencer done for this.
  6. My polished WE Desert Warrior
  7. GhostWolf

    KRISS Thread

    Cheers mate just ordered one
  8. GhostWolf

    KRISS Thread

    Where did you manage to buy that from? The mag release that is.
  9. Here's my TM SCAR L RECOIL SHOCK with Elcan Dr Spectre x 4, just need to add an EGLM for it and change the flash hider. Oh and find some more recoil Pmags in FDE lol.
  10. Any chance of an inside photo to see how your keeping your headset inside he helmet please.
  11. Big decision now, should I paint it or not lol?
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