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  1. Picked this up a while ago for my M4 AEG, I wasn't aware that MagPul PTS made one at the time, but anyway here is a quick review. I bought a clone MS2 along with this as I though they would go nicely together. The A.S.A.P clone came in clear plastic, stapled together at the top with a piece of black cardboard with the Building Fire logo. Taking it out of the pack there were no surprises so I went ahead and installed it on my AEG (which is a JG M4A1) with no problems. Some pictures: Overview Pros + Around half the price of the PTS version (Cheap!) + Decent quality
  2. Nein nein nein! Normal Engrish has resumed on Redwolf.

    1. FireKnife


      Damn, what the hell :P

  3. "It is nothing but just a pleasure to enjoy the bolt snaping back and forth, and imagine how cool it would be, for you to have an blowback AEG actually on the field" -Redwolf on the GSG552 AEG.

    1. FireKnife


      Could be worse, like whacking ones sister (and not in a country virgin kind of way :P)

    2. airsofttactician226


      Just browsing some of the other new products- there's so much more.


      I think I'll continue to share the best bits... :o)

    3. TheFull9


      Tis' a veritable gold mine of comedy.

  4. It does sound strange in that video. Probably bad microphone/camera. A last update on how it's holding up in hot (30-40°c) temperatures... Performance wise it is still as good as when I bought it, works great with green or 134a (in a hot climate at least). Haven't had as much problems with cooldown as in other full metal pistols, which might be because of high gas capacity in the mags with the added efficiency of S7. The slide still sticks half-way back occasionally. This might be another temperature related thing, given that the tolerances on the slide are pretty tight. When I have
  5. Finally decided to try and take some pictures of my KSC P226. This one looks a bit too dark around the shadowy areas IMO: I took some more photos, with varying results. I'll share later- after they've been scaled down from their massive size and checked over for rubbishness.
  6. Parts from the KWA M226 should fit the KSC P226 as well, so look out for those. As far as I know the Marui P226 is not compatible with the KSC. If you want to get some more responses you could probably make a new post under the "Technical Discussion" section.
  7. Black Friday? Reminds me of a "song" with a similar name...

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    2. crackisbad


      ooohh, I don't think its that evansy. Maybe this one?

    3. airsofttactician226


      ^That ones worse. :(




    4. evansy


      That is awesome.

  8. Skull balaclavas?

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    2. WhiteHawksan


      give it 2 more years, then you'll be original again :P

    3. FireKnife


      Nah, it will go on and on, until the next MW fad comes out.

    4. airsofttactician226


      Meh, best to stay out of the world of airsoft fashion.


      P.S. I don't own a skull balaclava, but though about getting one a while ago.

  9. This is our team's current logo (sorry about the quality, couldn't get hold of the original file) It was going to be made in to a subdued patch but it never happened. But seeing all these other logos has inspired me to make a new one! I'll post it up here if it happens... Also I have seen a few of these teams on airsoftteam.info which is the Airbana database of airsoft teams.
  10. Black PTS PMAGs are selling for half the MSRP on ebairsoftthai.com. Have a bad feeling that it's a typo...

  11. Being flooded in isn't that bad really- when you still have food, electricity, internet... BF3...

  12. Being flooded in isn't that bad really- when you still have food, electricity, internet... BF3...

    1. Mike_West


      Not when the power lines get flushed.

    2. airsofttactician226


      Yes, well luckily the water is going down now in my area. :D

    3. airsofttactician226


      Yes, well luckily the water is going down now in my area. :D

  13. I'm not as I got for it being stock full-metal, but it'd be a beast with a bit of internal modification...
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