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  1. CM050A - All stock nothing done to it just yet.
  2. Finally picked up my CM050A and ready to play, haven't played for about 8 months, on wednesday.

  3. Was about to order an APS AKS74 but the shop owner told me to rethink (i did really like the gun but the internals are terrible)... anyway i'm trying to get a CM 050

  4. Finally going to play airsoft again tomorrow

    1. Gunmane


      Good for you. I'm attempting to do so as well Sunday.

  5. The woman in black is..........................

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TacticalKid
    3. TacticalKid


      just read what happened

    4. FireKnife


      Yeah, it is more in tune with the film, damn sight better than the film ending. Though if you want to see it in a better medium then go see the stage play.

  6. Got a Socom Gear M1911 with Gemtech silencer for $95

    1. TacticalKid


      Off a friend who gave up airsoft after being burgled and they lost 90% of their gun collection

  7. After long hours of trying to get the bullseye trophy finally got the bf3 platinum trophy

  8. After long hours of trying to get the bullseye trophy finally got the bf3 platinum trophy

  9. Yay!!! Just won the Battlefield blogs competition on twitter!

  10. Finally Colonel on BF3

  11. I hope someone makes a PDW-R for airsoft....

    1. aznriptide859


      First, it's the Magpul PDR. And second, yes, PTS is making one.

  12. I like landing planes on Battlefield 3

  13. Got my first ever platinum trophy on playstation last night~

    1. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      I got my PS3 in December, but mine was MW2.

    2. TacticalKid


      Do you have any more platinums?

  14. Finished BF3 campaign on hard last night.

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