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  1. I've been playing around with this Blackjack 1-7 since just before Christmas. The combination of tool steel and a convexed edge seems to be pretty fantastic. It's cut up meat, brashed several paths through undergrowth and, albeit just for the sake of it, cut up some kindling. All it's really needed is a going over with a strop after post of these and that's gotten it back to perfect edge. Doesn't look half bad hanging from the belt of my African merc gear either...
  2. I'd no idea they made so many! Some of those are really quite tidy. While I'm at it. Emerson. Anybody have any experience? I hear tale of some rough QC on some of their knives, which would be unfortunate considering the steep price tags on many of them.
  3. Cheers lads. Truth be told AH, there are MUCH probably more comfortable/better rigs out there for less anyway. Although it's nice to have something so basic.
  4. Really nice work on the Izula scales there.
  5. Photo from my camping trip last week. I must say I think, despite it being firmly in the realm of budget knives, this Spyderco Resilience is probably my favorite knife by a bloody mile right now. Had a try of the 'ziptie mod' I often see, it actually served me well at work but it's a little bit of a pain at times. Don't think it's for me. Anybody have any idea how the Tenacious' black DLC coating holds up? I know it's better than Teflon and other cheapo paint finishes but I don't really know what to think here.
  6. *glances at TOPS Baghdad Bullet* I think that's a test I might come out on top of...
  7. I'd recommend browsing through that. Even if it's just for ideas. There's a VAST amount of blades on that site.
  8. That website will be my demise
  9. Been toying with a Spyderco Squeak for the past month. Not much use at work (Forester - It's a bit on the small side). But for general every day use, it's been a real cracker, I haven't experienced any substantial down side from the smaller blade - I'm used to carrying a UKPK when I'm not working. The only real gripe some people might have is that it doesn't come to as fine a point. Apologies for the "artsy" picture. My bad for letting other people near the camera, hehe.
  10. Selling current gen. fighter aircraft to Saudi Arabia. Nice one BAE, what could go wrong?

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    2. ollie_ty


      I've seen them at RIAT a few times, they're pretty good actually!

    3. hitmanNo2


      Pretty good at mincing? ha ha

    4. TheFull9


      Mince pies, yum yum.

  11. He's got a hoodie on, give him a hugOn second thoughts, don't, we don't wanna get muggedOh *suitcase*, too late, that was kinda dumbWho's idea was that?Stupid *Ubar*!Calling David Cameron a *Ubar* in a grime tune. Yes.

    1. ollie_ty


      Plan B? Grime? No.

  12. >"Interrogative, Hitman, do they have hostile intent?">"They got naked intent!"

  13. "Everyone in the German army has heard of Hugo Stiglitz..."

    1. rvlyssup


      All I can say is, "Bad *albatross* movie!"

    2. Gunmane



      At least he went out with a terrific line:



      and the slow motion version of the bar fight scene is necessary as well:


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