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  1. Jibbity

    Brill armory

    I have placed 4 orders with them. They are to be trusted. Quick to reply, quick to ship, well above average in the customer service department.
  2. Jibbity

    What's your backup?

    Lipo'd TM USP.40 AEP. The accuracy is hard to beat and the full auto makes it a nice room clearer as well.
  3. No, It isn't compatible with standard buckings, the lips will protrude far enough to stop BBs from feeding. I suppose that means that the barrel fits deeper than normal. I had to trim down the lips of the bucking I used so that it would feed.
  4. The point is, the standard controls may work stock, but it is much nicer all micro switched up. But, $100 was hard for me to swallow for the Chimera, I know it is not for everyone. If it weren't for the vast improvements it allows for the AUG, then I probably wouldn't have bothered for the UAR. Fortunately, with an extra trigger board (or micro switch) I can use the Chimera in both. I also feel the need to try to optimize everything, it is a sickness... How are you thinking to wire a switch directly into the gearbox? You'd have to come up with some way to get the semi cutoff to work, or just go full auto I suppose. If you can work it out with semi intact, that would be great for everyone. You'd still probably want at least a simple FET so you aren't passing all of the current through your trigger switch. It will provide a larger pool of switches to work from. In any case. I will post some photos of my Chimera install in the UAR next week when I have a bit more free time. I ended up putting it inside the grip. There just isn't room in the back with all of the wiring and such.
  5. If anyone is interested, Cyma 190rd m4 midcaps fit and feed great in the UAR. They are wide enough that they don't require any magwell shimming and it looks like the spring housing on top of the mag is short enough to fit without modifying the gun. I can't confirm the last, as I have already cut mine. These I have tried, but will not feed without adding material inside the magwell: KWA 120rd polymer Core 140rd MAG 130rd Green Label 75rd Emags
  6. I agree that it is technically not needed, but I can see the difference in flex from one side to the other with only one tab working.
  7. Uggh. I just got mine a couple of days ago. I was sizing it up for battery space and realized that one of the body tabs for the upper (where the middle body pin passes through) is broken. Apparently it is not just a problem with the PDR...
  8. This guy seems to have successfully has modded his magwell, and even has a picture: http://www.booliganairsoft.com/2013/03/aps-uar-urban-assault-rifle-aeg.html
  9. Jibbity

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Thanks, well, we shall see how durable it is. It shouldn't be under too much stress. It really just sort of fell together, every time I needed a part, I had just the right thing in the bin. Unfortunately, it is out of my ability to make these in any sort of numbers. Thanks. Ask and ye shall receive, well all but the very tip anyway: Here you can see where the rails meet. The stock top rail was moved back to free up one of the screw holes for the attachment of the new rail. This is what the rail started out as. Ahh, the joys of being a pack rat. I knew I'd eventually find a use for it.
  10. Jibbity

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    DE M1014 + Full Stock + Springer M14 RIS + Dremmel:
  11. Jibbity

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Currently annoyed with some people's tendencies to use internet forums (not reffering to this one ) for intense personal ego stroking. Given its prevalence, perhaps I am just annoyed with human nature.
  12. Jibbity

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Living up to the name, Scorch.
  13. Jibbity

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I agree with this in theory, but unfortunately I have a preset addiction level right around 15 cigarettes a day. Social smoking, for me, starts slow but always ends right back at that 15 mark in a month or so. Now that I recognize, I just stay well away.
  14. Jibbity

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Nice work, man. Keep at it, life is better free of addiction. Though, quitting did turn me into a compulsive purchaser of airsoft goods. The old 'I would have spent the money on cigs anyway' justification.
  15. Jibbity

    First look at the H.K 3Px4 GBB

    My box doesn't sound like either one.

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