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  1. Got the grips and stock from here: http://www.cold-war-collectables.co.uk/parts-department/soviet-weapons-parts/ nearish to the bottom of the page, you have to email to order etc. The owner Jip is a great guy, and literally the only place you can get EG furniture in the uk. Currently trying to figure out if I bought two pistol grips whether I could skim a side off each, and then attach the two largest halves together to make a grip I could hollow out enough for a motor etc....
  2. Finally got around to picking up a kalashnikov pattern rifle: Originally an LCT AKM 2009 real assembly version, now a DDR MPIKM. Need my rear sight to show up, change the selector markings (somehow) and make the pistol grip a bit more accurate....
  3. Great day at Northern Alliance Airsoft this Sunday, first time out with my recently completed Colt 633 and it performed pretty well! Great site, definitely worth checking out if you are in the North East of England
  4. New camouflage arrived, perfect excuse for a picture or two: Just need to put a bit more elbow grease (and some wet and dry paper) into the hand guards and I'll be pretty much done
  5. Hi Chas, I've got dimensions etc, as well as the DXF files that I used to have the blanks cut that I have put details in to. If you are in the UK I'd be happy to send you some bonded blanks (would need some features putting on by hand) for the front sight assembly.
  6. Thanks! It's the g&p body (annoyingly the wrong markings) and a home made foregrip and front sight assembly. Both of which are currently made from dichloromethane bonded lasered acrylic which is still in need of some general work to tidy the finish up, but I will be replacing the front sight assembly with cnc'd aluminium when I've got a chance to get it set up! As for pictures, here's another:
  7. Couple of bits left to finish/paint but I'm fairly happy with my 633 so far
  8. Bit more run of the mill skirmish, a few of me from the second to last game day my local ran before closing
  9. A new friend of mine, apologies for underexposed pic I only had a second to get it! TM with the TM stock, such a shame that the previous owner lost the loop though
  10. It is a discontinued kit/complete aeg (the bits I've got are from a kit) that G&P used to make, really nice quality but you need the strength of 1000 men to remove the magazine the first few times. Magazines are a bit of an issue so I'm looking at converting some marui hicaps at the moment. Otherwise really nice bit of kit, it even has the 9mm deflector and shortened dust cover!
  11. something I received today: Going to be cutting it down super short (as the original front end had been messed with :L) and CNC'ing myself a colt 633 front sight
  12. Just received a non working full size M1100, which I have now combined with my "in bits in a bag in the corner of shame" M1100 revision. Might not be to everyones taste but I really like the barrel & magtube length differences, just got to add a steel extractor and slap some velcro on the side of the receiver for shells now
  13. Thread revive, a new friend of mine: The second one I've owned over the years, and it completely eclipses the first in every aspect. Very happy for £90 posted with the holster!
  14. A bit more vanilla, but still a bit special: Tokyo Marui M16a1 with G&P metal body kit & hurricane front end adapter, surprisingly solid given the old style front end design!
  15. In the foreground using my (then) freshly built MP-41, and my now deceased Omani DPM.
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