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    WE New SMG ?

    I use from back in the years STAR "uzi" magwell adaptor and magazines, lovely!

    A real steel "sniper pistol"

    Little update no this, in one of the real steel forums a Manurhin 36 mr73 popped on sale, a 357 magnum revolver for the appalling price of 450€ (of course lacks bipod and such accessories).
  3. Got it! british soldiers= nazis middle eastern boy= jewish I am quite sure you will get your crow funding in minutes and will be able to pay for the actors, unfortunately I haven´t the proper gear.

    Does anyone sell Lipo Ready AEP's ?

    Had to order the CM125 and a li po battery as the one already upgraded was not available (wanted the ups compact to swap the holsters with the real one) but I think I will be the "weird" one using it, the please I play at is 370fps 0 metros full auto... quite harder than the 350 10 metros full auto I was used to (250 fps 5 metros for close encounters) that means that CO2 pistols (if you are lucky) are the norm, in almost 20 years playing in Spain 0 marks, here just a year and "blood tatoos" at least 3 times.
  5. At least you should know 1 how much you paid for them 2 batteries that they have or do not have (the ICS seems yo have a strange conector from the an pea that with the size should hold a lipo easy also). the Knights armaments one seems to have a li po in the stock? 3 metal bodies or plastic bodies, FPS?, magazines hi mid or low? 4 the torch goes with the m4risSD? type of torch?...

    A real steel "sniper pistol"

    As a masterpiece, made with "jewelry machining tolerances" I agree that ANY manurhin is a piece of cake. BUT for a 5" barrel sniper platform I would rather go even for a 10/22 (in your shelves since 1964) and the same amount of dedication/machining time to enhance the shooter ability to absorb the recoil, reduce noise, reduce penetration... seriously, if we are talking about "100 yards precision shots" the .22 is the winner by far, and since we are already in "sniperland" with bipods and sights you can not beat the lead wasps. On the side of penetration also have to agree, the bullet is easy to stop; at 25 metres a 2p coin will stop the .22 (so if you are after a ghetto bulletproof vest be my guest, get the bling and the cringe altogether as the coin will just fold a little; shot the queen plenty of times and never got holes).

    A real steel "sniper pistol"

    Manurhin has been a maker of precision shooting guns from a looong time; you can still find one every so often. Chambered in 357 means that you can also use 38 (same size, just little shorter and will leave a mess of dirt in the chamber and barrel but way cheaper). That said I have a 6" S&W K14 because I prefer to use the proper caliber for the proper gun in my collection but most of the use given is for a Baikal IJ35M (dare to say older than you) in 22 and cross handed got 268 points out of 300 last month (244 with a factory grade 9mms ups compact) and we shoot single handed no support 25 meters away so can´t see the need of "sniper pistol" with bipod and sight. Trust the skills, not the tool.

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    And with your argument (DANGER SPOILER/SPAM ALERT!!) you make me think about a skirmishable pistol that I do not like for the looks BUT may well be a nice addition: https://eu.novritsch.com/product/novritsch-airsoft-pistol/ How would you feel about a lower price GBB (not a Glock) that SEEMS to tick all the boxes and with a lower price?

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    just out of curiosity could not help but attend my local ALDI and indeed there were just the male and female carrots but nothing to be seen about other characters...
  10. GI0VANNI

    Custom Gear

    As usual you attention to detail surpasses any expectations (human or not). PLEASE tell me you di not use an ink tampon but just printed them.
  11. GI0VANNI

    WE Cybergun Desert Eagle L6

    Wouldn´t mind about a WE, metal, cheap and when finally breaks not a single cry. Would never provide that french company with a single penny.
  12. GI0VANNI

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Just yesterday was talking with some new guys about the TM/ACM things, and in trouble to defend the TM stuff (regular non EBB...) agains the Cyma aeg and 20 bucks in spares combos, sad time. Lets us pray TM gets back on track.
  13. GI0VANNI

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    0:50, because if WWII had female sniper cyborgs, you can also operate operationally with a NWO touch.
  14. GI0VANNI

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Any news about a price tag?

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