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    M60 van wanted

    INOKATSU m60 a3 without the loader, shipping from Spain if interested so pleeeenty of paperwork for you (I am sorry) laying for years in the box and is not so cheap as the china ones but if interested let me know.

    Arnie's get together for a game topic!

    Airsoft Edinburgh has a game next DECEMBER 16 It is going to be my first after more than 2 years so if anyone is also attending would appreciate a helping hand even to get to the site (I have my vehicle and will, that is all)

    L85A2 SA80 ICS

    A price tag would be nice, unless you just want the postage for it and them I am on

    Arnie's get together for a game topic!

    I plan to go to a game in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks, I remember a couple of players usually post over here, any chance I can join you?? will hopefully attend with a complete newt form the job and worst even, a PAINTBALLER!!!! help needed

    Bullpup PKP-Pecheneg

    Nah, hell has a special place for anyone that anytime made anything ugly to me, watch your tipping or you may well join them In all resiousness, this is the place to moan and cry for the old guns we have no longer respect for, so I happily join the mood complaining about this new thing, but is not as much I don´t like the look but I can not understand the need to do this, is like the wonderful M14EBR that now I can just find with the m4 style stock, it is a crappy piece of CYMA airsoft, but loved it and the price tag was perfect. Same with this, I have the PKM with the wooden stock and love her to bits, the looks lets you know and understand it is a "mean machine", I feel this "thing" is lost with so moderns and unconventional designs.

    Bullpup PKP-Pecheneg

    Even in real life as it lacks the removable barrel i am not sure if it is suitable for the designed purpose of suppressing fire on the long term if it overheats despite the tech innovation. The video shows how despite the snow the barrel produces some "fog", do we have a torture test? And now for the real interesting piece, the airsoft, did we need that monster? I love the old and fought look of wooden ask, rpks pkms... not more modern plastic tour please, they make the Baby Jesus cry. Also the 8,99 kilograms lower to 8.8 kilograms, merely 200 grams

    Bullpup PKP-Pecheneg

    Es que ya no se respeta nada??? Nooo! are they not going to keep some respect even for the most sacred? Hate bull pups but this "thing" makes me love the l85.

    Redwolf M2 Browning

    OFF TOPIC ALERT!!! Having lived most of my life in a "strict" gun control place (Spain) I have to disagree with your estimation. As far as I know due to the actions of a single individual, Thomas Watt Hamilton the social outcry for the deaths of 17 people and a possible insane pedophile in 1996, who had a previous string of problems dating back to the 13th May 1974 but that had never been deprived of his right to legally own guns; led to the known bans by Conservative and Labour governments. As by these bans the UK (not including NI) should be the safest place in the world as it is legally impossible to own guns but despite this the deaths by gunshot in Uk remain in 26 out of an appalling number of 571 homicides by 2016 https://www.statista.com/statistics/288166/homicide-method-of-killing-in-england-and-wales-uk-by-gender/ In the meantime (2016) the number of deaths caused not by firearms (all of them illegal?) but by another kind of chunk of metal whose possession is completely legal is astonishing, 419 confirmed cases https://roadpeacejusticewatch.wordpress.com/2017/05/19/moj-reports-causing-death-by-driving-convictions-increase-by-over-30-in-2016/ Also we should note the knife crime, (also illegal to carry a knife, screwdriver, scissors...) are significant in the year, 188 (less than 1%!!) https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/knifecrime I am just an european free rider migrant who came here to live on benefits and commit crime or maybe just an asylum seeker serial scammer and future front-page for The Sun Or maybe I am a 40 old lawyer who decided to move to UK and has been working and paying his taxes ever since as until I had a signed contract I did not change my address and even them had to live almost a month in a "fantastic" hostel until finding a pet friendly house to bring here the cat... I lived 39 years in Spain so maybe I don't understand but if it was logical to ban handguns and deprive all the residents in UK of the possibility to own guns just because of 17(+1) deaths, what should be completely logical to do with 188 by knives and 419 by motor vehicles??? My criticism is against that "logical" laws, in Spain we have about 3.6 millions of guns (half of them shotguns, the other handguns rifles...) and by 2016 there were in Spain 370 violent deaths, (32% caused by migrants) and despite being legal to own long guns and handguns, the main weapon were knives (53%) being death by hands 15% almost side by side with guns; the rest by driving, poison, drugs, blunt objects and suicide... (official statistics show just 292 murder cases) The problem in UK is not the tools used for crime and murder, is the society, but it is easier to treat (and be treated) as an immature child and leave no responsibility than to enforce a legal system that can respect the private possession of firearms in the hands of vetted, proven and responsible adults. NO LAW will ever solve the crimes but infantilizing your society you are about to unleash a monster whose actions we will suffer (and are suffering) for too long.

    Redwolf M2 Browning

    Does anyone remember the nice friendly guy who used to sell the conversion instructions for a m14 into this?? and the mini vulcan, the vulcan.... that was REASONABLE, this price tags we are facing nowadays...
  10. GI0VANNI

    Very large sites.

    Edinburgh is lovely, hope to be able to play by the end of this month or next one, the weather is not as bad as everyone say and thanks to the rain you have real forests, wild life even in the city parks and (sorry to say) Scottish people are much more friendly than english . I have been reading about "Landwarrior" and contacted then to confirm that I will be able to get my UKARA registration and excuse to import my guns here. But at the end the dream is getting to move to Orkney islands so soon or later will need to investigate further north.
  11. GI0VANNI

    Very large sites.

    Welcome to the Spanish airsoft! The usual is as you said, a group gets (for free or minimal fee) the use (and care!) of a site and invite the ones they know will not mess and so and so. For the water: set objectives that include transporting wounded puppets or the like from A to B, get water bottles to form the puppet/precious uranium cargo to transport and you are set, the players will transport willing or not the extra supply of water. For the places climbing: explain the prohibition to use it or you will end with some crazy one trying (and getting to climb or to break a leg, arm... and plenty of problems). Also you may be interested in setting a rigging line on some places and get it part of the game (of you go for this make sure someone with climbing experience sets the line and fixes it properly as much as the players using it have a proper harness and retention device (carabiners, grigri...) CERTIFIED. (decathlon may be your sure place) When we were doing the mongers desert games in Tardienta for up to 300 players, we had some 4X4 and the teams were conscious of the need to bring extra water, but also we had the permanent bar on site, unfortunately a quad unless you get a 125 automatic one is not so usual in Spain and driving without license plates unless inside private lands is forbidden. PS: you went of Spain, I came to Edinburgh, iron at it´s best (and haven't been able to play in one year )
  12. GI0VANNI

    APS ak74

    all that I have from the APS electric blow back AK, real wood and metal bla bla bla

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