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    WE G3

    That is the cost of an LCT g3, a regular AEG with full metal body (but what a metal body), so I don´t think that if you are after a GBB "realistic" G3 that should be a bad price at all.

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Just yesterday was talking with some new guys about the TM/ACM things, and in trouble to defend the TM stuff (regular non EBB...) agains the Cyma aeg and 20 bucks in spares combos, sad time. Lets us pray TM gets back on track.

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    0:50, because if WWII had female sniper cyborgs, you can also operate operationally with a NWO touch.
  4. As the title goes Unwanted wacom intuos M size (not the S) pistachio color tablet, great for graphic design or if you prefer the "pen" instead of a mouse. all the things in the box as the missus prefers the old bamboo instead of the new bigger one. 80 is a pretty interesting price as I prefer a fast operation and stop the scalding.

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Flick me, I did not pay attention to the "multishot base" part, just the make, my fault. Also you might well try "local" (PARLA), if the guy is legit may have stock other than the single grenade announced or a way to get to. http://www.airsoftbazar.com/segunda-mano/anuncio/granadas-y-minas,7/granadasohshiboom,222905

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/concept-tactical-m182 I dare say YES, they own the place closest to Edinburgh were I play.

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Any news about a price tag?
  8. Yes indeed, King arms m79 wood and metal, full size in the cardboard box, FIRING PIN BROKEN and fixed, apart from that shown piece as far as I know.
  9. IF I get to import you one from Spain how much is a fair price? because I might get my hands on one, an m79 (firing pin broken and repaired) and a chinese *suitcase*... revolver launcher along with an inokatsu MK43
  10. GI0VANNI

    M60 van wanted

    INOKATSU m60 a3 without the loader, shipping from Spain if interested so pleeeenty of paperwork for you (I am sorry) laying for years in the box and is not so cheap as the china ones but if interested let me know.
  11. GI0VANNI

    Arnie's get together for a game topic!

    Airsoft Edinburgh has a game next DECEMBER 16 It is going to be my first after more than 2 years so if anyone is also attending would appreciate a helping hand even to get to the site (I have my vehicle and will, that is all)
  12. GI0VANNI

    L85A2 SA80 ICS

    A price tag would be nice, unless you just want the postage for it and them I am on
  13. GI0VANNI

    Arnie's get together for a game topic!

    I plan to go to a game in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks, I remember a couple of players usually post over here, any chance I can join you?? will hopefully attend with a complete newt form the job and worst even, a PAINTBALLER!!!! help needed
  14. GI0VANNI

    Bullpup PKP-Pecheneg

    Nah, hell has a special place for anyone that anytime made anything ugly to me, watch your tipping or you may well join them In all resiousness, this is the place to moan and cry for the old guns we have no longer respect for, so I happily join the mood complaining about this new thing, but is not as much I don´t like the look but I can not understand the need to do this, is like the wonderful M14EBR that now I can just find with the m4 style stock, it is a crappy piece of CYMA airsoft, but loved it and the price tag was perfect. Same with this, I have the PKM with the wooden stock and love her to bits, the looks lets you know and understand it is a "mean machine", I feel this "thing" is lost with so moderns and unconventional designs.

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