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  1. The nova slide stop (the non chrome ones) always rides too close to the frame , doing exactly that. It even does it on the PGC kits (and the finish on those is resilient...) Still, detonator aluminum is waffles.(that made me lol once I read it)...meaning it's very soft and easy to scratch.
  2. You're also lacking the cable leading to the car battery that powered up the laser in the first terminator movie : P AWESOME stuff.
  3. Prog4 C-more mount arrived today....bent 90ºs and looking like it's been hit with a hammer...

  4. Odd, are the grip pannels a little separated from the frame or are my eyes playing with me?
  5. kenxin

    CZ Picture Thread

    Nice finish, missing the extractor thou. Care to do a before/after picture? that's still not a primed cz75 thou : P
  6. My guess would be that the tan one is a hurricane kit (black trigger and ambi safeties from the original MEU) and the grey one is RS (correct ambi safeties and grip safety). Nice desert warriors nevertheless.
  7. Sooo....anyone want to trade me the old airsoft surgeon salient arms g34 kit for my new out-of-the-box salient arms g35 set? : (

    1. aznriptide859


      Oh lol. Wanna sell me yours? :)

    2. kenxin


      Not really, I wanted a SAI 34 (ish) slide for a long time (specially since I missed the first set they made)... Anyways, why buy it from me instead of ordering it at redwolf or tokyo model? they're still in stock I believe

    3. kenxin


      A little update..g35 and 17 SAI slides out of stock at RW.

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  8. Not a fan of the grips on your bling framed kimber.. otherwise it's great. That nighthawk and SA operator make my pants moist...
  9. hmm! shiny! Does the finish scratch easily?
  10. Variety of reasons, for competition it has a few advantages: - The grip has the same shape, always - There is nothing making pressure against you (makes it somewhat easier to pull the trigger badly for people with small hands) - Sometimes when picking the thing up in a rush your grip won't be perfect and having that safety pushing against your hand doesn't help matters - Makes the grip constantly slimmer for people with small hands. Also apparently some people do not depress the safety fully (big handed people IIRC) so the trigger gets a little wonky. And if you search the interweb
  11. It indeed is, as a matter of fact I'm running a standard marui 1911 inner on my 34 atm (waiting for more funds for a nineball 6.03 one).
  12. Impossible at the moment, very BAD camera.
  13. Interesting combo...when are you going to assemble your damn cz75 1rst ver blued prime kit?
  14. Perhaps the slide doesn't seem as smooth as it should in the video but it is as smooth as it can be (any ideas on how to show that on video?). Also, yeah, I was showing how I pinned the safety ; ) that means it's locked in place on purpose.
  15. A little video of my g34 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oua9V3KnUpQ&feature=plcp On a side note, the guarder extended slide release has finally been released (at least on airsoft global).. let's hope that the adjustable sights are not far behind!
  16. A little update on my custom SA, now with pinned safety and a nova extended slide catch (FINALLY!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P7yqAa1HxE&feature=plcp No pictures, will take some soon (I hope...)
  17. kenxin

    WE P226 R

    It is a we, just a trademarked one (what would be the point of WE telling everyone they're getting replacement slides on a thread that's not about a WE?). The wear is not from the recoil spring, the recoil spring compresses on the hole for the recoil rod, not outside (unless it's horribly bent), the wear we see in the pictures comes from the slide impacting against the frame: Either a stronger recoil spring is needed or a buffer or both.
  18. Hm, so the screw supposedly for windage adjustment is fake and just serves the purpose of retaining the rear sight plate? oh well..a little tedious indeed. After about 1000-2000 rounds you should completely disassemble it (specially the frame and hammer mech) and post pictures of the internals, see how they're doing.
  19. kenxin

    WE P226 R

    Apparently the slides do take up a beating on the front from normal use: The thread on arms-cool has gotten kind of big, and there is even an official WE response in there: http://www.arms-cool.net/forum/viewthread.php?tid=121179&page=7#pid1438182 According to google translation (and therefore open to being completely wrong): "Grateful to all levels of players criticism and advice, thank WE company. About this problem, although for the present, should belong to the cases, but WE, or the spirit of service consumers proposed new scheme of service of the product. Purchas
  20. Interesting review of the national match. Right off the bat I can tell you what was wrong with the BBU of your hurricane, the screw of the sight was screwed too much and made a little contact with the nozzle, thus making it stick. This is a problem with the gunsmith or user, or you can blame the design of the sight/kit, whichever pleases you most. The level of quality of a kit is hard to decide once it's been installed because it represents the skill of the person who fitted it, so your perception of quality on that issue is limited. The hurricane kit is (as it comes) tight and nicely
  21. kenxin

    WE P226 R

    Hm, apparently some people on the chinese forums have cracked slides, any updates or problems? Source: http://www.arms-cool.net/forum/thread-121179-1-1.html
  22. By all means, post more pictures! On a related note, the PGC factory and AS/PROG4 factory are definitely not the same. The fitting should be indeed great, the full-size slide rails should allow very little play (as do AS/prog4/prohandgun hi capa frames and slides). The very helpful thing would be to check the machining marks on the inside of the slide between a pgc 226 kit and the AS one, if they match we'd be looking at a rebranded pgc kit with custom engraving ( I doubt it but you never know...). Oh and if possible, do a shooting video with it!
  23. According to the comment on this page : http://www.gbbnews.eu/en/2012/04/25/airsoft-surgeon/una-sig-sauer-p226-stainless-elite-da-airsoft-surgeon/ only three of these were made, take it for what it is thou, I have no idea. Still, how's the kit? is it a fitted/rebranded PGC elite kit? or is it done from scratch? It'd be very interesting to compare the quality between the kits.
  24. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_Airsoftsurgeon_Airsoft_Surgeon_226_X5_limited_Silver_Wood_Grip_Version.htm redwolf quotes 1180$ for the thing, not my cup of tea really (never thought the AS customs were worth it and I prefer to do my own builds) but a nice piece nevertheless. how're the elite ergonomics over the standard 226?
  25. The hk3px4 upper is nice, do remember that it's components are not 100% marui compatible thou. The finish holds up well, there is a small part of the slide that breaks after a LOT of shooting (I have one of the first ones, I'm unsure wether they fixed that or not) but that doesn't affect function at all. The chamber on the outer barrel does deform after a good while but never impeding function. For the price, it's quite nice to have (my 3px4 upper was one of the first ones and it's still holding up nicely a year and a few months after). I seem to remember the decocker making odd th
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