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  1. Shooters design has good quality finish, correct trades but there are a few kinks. First and most serious is the decocker, the BBU is placed a little off from where it should be, so the decocker doesn't work (it still works as a safety thou) unless the slide is pushed slightly down and backwards (hard to explan, will make a video if necessary), then the hammer drops. The second issue is that the slide stop/release slots (there are two of them, one outside and one inside of the slide) are missaligned (the inner one being considerably further back in the slide) thus the outer one support
  2. The px4 has little aftermarket support and little that breaks, the 2 main parts prone to breaking are the trigger spring and the slide release. Also the hop-up arm has a tendency to bend outwards, but not to break. Other than that I'm not aware of any other faults.
  3. A little update on the kit already fitted and working just fine. As the video description states, it's about a 3/4 fill mag at room temperature (and an older mag, I'd have been better if I had used the newer mags that I have, oh well, another time). Also, the provided spring is definitely about 200% compared to the 150% of the PGC kits that I have. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSB7y5lpMR8 Boomarms so far hasn't responded, I'll try TS next, thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Correct, normal kimber grip-safety. Next month I'll get a nova grip-safety and kimber-type ambi safety (If I can find them and afford them). Pics of the finished kit are UP on the 1911 picture thread : D Also I contacted boomarms to see if they can do something about the rusty parts.
  5. kenxin

    WE P226 R

    I believe it's like that because WE made the nozzle bigger so it would have stronger blowback (or at least I remember something like that from a blog of a WE worker)...... Also Chas, you said that the upper part of the chamber is polished, that is odd to say the least...Also you mention that the finish is good, yet in the first picture you can clearly some holster wear (or at least I assume it's holster wear and not random scratches), has the finish worn off anywhere else? Also there were some reports about the valve knocker damaging the frame on WE p226s on chinese forums, mind keepin
  6. Damn, I'm not a fan of the SA operator but that is sexy. Should've gone with the nova adjustable rear thou (IMO). Anyways, my hurricane tactical entry II / marui nightwarrior ([selfpromote]review of the kit on the accesory review forum![/selfpromote]) plus my SA custom : )
  7. Well, today my Hurricane kimber tactical entry II kit arrived I figured I'd do something constructive and actually review it a little before assembling it so anyone can take a look at it and decide if it's worth the money. I'll TRY to be as objective as possible, feel free to point anything out or ask anything. The kit comes with: -Aluminim slide and frame -Aluminum separate extractor (the round piece on the rear of the slide) -Plastic wood imitation grips -Steel slide catch -Steel mag release -Steel magwell -Aluminum trigger -150% recoil spring -Stainless steel outer bar
  8. kenxin

    CZ Picture Thread

    Time to bring this topic back from the dead: KWA cz75 with ra-tech steel outer. The finish on the slide was re-done from scratch by me with birchwood aluminum black to give it a more RS look, should've been completely black (works perfect with most of my kits) but with the kwa metal it does some weird things (like turning brown-ish in some places)...oh well. Not a prime'd 75 but it's what I have...
  9. For the price you'd think they'd paint the bloody sights....
  10. It's a good diagnosis, if it's not the mag it may be a problem with the nozzle. Now thinking about it, if the BBU is undersized the tolerances might be screwed in all the components of the bbu. Did you notice if the nozzle slides freely or has trouble moving? Also, if the problem is indeed gas related, did you notice by any chance if the blowback is weak?
  11. That recoil spring and guide is exactly what I have in mine, so yes. Any other upgrades depend on what you want the 34 to be, is it gonna go racegun route? is it gonna be a reproduction of a standard 34? If it's a racegun you might want a lightweight bbu and the zero hammer (note I don't have experience with the zero hammer)? the gunsmodify trigger is excellent no matter what you want to do with it. Also from gunsmodify the extended slide stop is an interesting upgrade.
  12. The g34 uses the same spring setup as the g17, so no problem there. I'd recommend a guarder enhanced recoil spring set (thou I don't use the hammer spring) for a snappy recoil The fitting on the prime kit is perfect for the marui (except a little filing to the bbu required) so I'd recommend to start with the marui. On builds, always use the best you can afford. What's the point of a prime kit if you use it on a WE? (a platform that costs less than the kit itself). Besides the fitting and tolerances of the we aren't the best (and the trigger is a little gritty, at least the ones I've
  13. The trigger issue. if it's not hammer related (which I hope not, would be even more trouble) should be one of two things: 1- The trigger bar part that has to be depressed for the trigger to reset is bent/too short. 2- The BBU is off-specc and doesn't sit low enough to actuate the trigger bar. Or a combination of the two. What makes me think that it's that and not a hammer mech issue is the fact that it works if you push the slide down (reducing the distance between slide and frame or BBU and trigger bar) and that it works during normal shooting (which wouldn't if it was hammer
  14. Then you should ask your friend going to japan, it should be the cheapest option. Also, maybe tokyo-model can help you, they do have spare parts for marui gbbs, you should try contacting them and see what they can do for you.
  15. The we/3px4 clones are the only place you're gonna find that piece (the clone ones) since WE doesn't sell parts separately. As for contacting marui, yeah, they have a form that comes with the gun to request spare parts, but they only ship to japan I'm afraid (you can still ask your friend going to japan, most shops there will be able to help you without much trouble). Search for the detonator steel piece, it'll be faster
  16. That must've been a lemon, I usually don't hear much bad about it. The trigger reset sounds like a trigger bar problem, you should be able to get a guarder one http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/guarder-steel-trigger-lever-for-marui-glock-17-26.html (also check if the piece is bent or broken) if not, it might be the springs in the hammer mech being to stiff). The slide lock thing...maybe the spring that pushes it down is too stiff or it's a magazine problem, you should check with other magazines.
  17. I saw that a few days ago, I thought they were Ino leftovers by the sights (front sight cut like the RS), plus the extra bits and pieces. The only difference seems to be the finish (and lack of paint in the sights). My guess would be leftovers from the factory which weren't ordered or finished for some reason.
  18. kenxin

    WE Glock 18C

    The barrel looks cleanly snapped off, like it was hit with something. As you have pointed out a supressor would increase the stress and probably make the outer barrel contact the slide on the lower part of the barrel (part of normal wear you could already see in your picture). If a supressor was there, we would see a lot of wear on both the barrel and the slide on that point. In this pic you can see that there is no prominent wear on the slide at that point: Besides, with the px4 at least, the material of the barrel tends to bend and deform a little before falling off, this one
  19. kenxin

    WE Glock 18C

    Apparently (and according to google translation , so this might be off a *little* bit..) it's a common occurance among WE glocks (including the 17): http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-CN&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.arms-cool.net%2Fforum%2Fthread-118560-1-1.html 4th post: This is not news 14th post: You LAG few months ago off two Again, take this with a grain of salt or a hundred, google translation and 0 first hand experience from me.
  20. kenxin

    WE Glock 18C

    Would it? I do not know, I don't own a WE g18...should it? definitely not. The chamber appears to have a lot of wear (not seen on the pics I've posted but on the thread), if the chamber tolerances were that much off it is possible I guess
  21. kenxin

    WE Glock 18C

    Well, a person on arms-cool has had a little whoopsie with his outer barrel, as in it snapped on him for no reason (google translator says he lubed and maintained the gun properly). So far, the only instance I've seen on this, will keep looking. Source: http://www.arms-cool.net/forum/thread-118560-1-1.html
  22. Abbey predator, if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps your slide bend up a little (since it's plastic, kind of what you have to do to remove the BBU ) with an overly powerful shot and that caused it to skip the rails and jam. After that it returned to the original shape and now it's working fine? Some bizarre things are happening with the XDM... how odd. Could someone tell me what the trigger feels like? the hammer mech uses a somewhat similar system to that of the 5-7 and the trigger is the only thing about the 5-7 I absolutely hate...
  23. Jesus how hot was the magazine for the pistol to do that? And the nozzle? even after that no signs of damage? post pictures please....
  24. If I remember correctly, echigoya-guns.com is the international shop while echigoya-tokyo is their local japan store, my guess would be that the international site doesn't get updated as often and has less stuff. Again, that would be my guess, feel free to correct me. Shouldn't be long before tokyo-model, boomarms and such carry it so no big deal.
  25. Well, more options coming for the marui XDM in terms of slides.... Creation has made it's own: http://echigoya-tokyo.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=7813 Not too badly priced , all things considered.
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